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Jan 31, 2002 11:48 AM

Recession special alert

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Due to the economic downturn, the restaurant business is suffering. Owners are trying to lure patrons by offering specials, some of which are a boon to the consumer. If you know of any great specials, post it here!

Last night I went to Fu Lam Mum, a popular Chinese Seafood restaurant on Castro Street in Mountain View. The owner has listed nightly specials in English, a first. Last night the Professor and I enjoyed a WHOLE
Peking Duck for $9.99 (regular menu price $22.00). It came with all the trimmings including very fresh and soft steamed buns, julienned scalions and Hoisen. The skin was beautifully crisped and the meat delicate amd mosit. The carcass was presented with ample meat left on the bones. The duck is the Wednesday special. The other specials (which I have not) tried are:

Monday: Crab with ginger and scaliion 7.99
Tuesday: Lobster with ginger and scallion 9.99
Wednesday: Peking Duck 9.99
Thursday; Roasted Squab 6.99
Friday: Oyster with black bean suace 5.99
Saturday: pepper salted salmon 6.99
Sunday: Conch with chicken soup 2.99

Fu Lam Mum Seafood
246 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA,

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  1. Thanks for the diligent listing, Ken! I'd like to give the place a try--are there any dishes in particular (among the specials or in the regular menu) you would recommend?

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      Very good seafood soup and wor wonton. Decent noodle dishes. Well prepared clams and mussels. Very good salt chicken. Also ask the waiter for the daily special fresh greens.

    2. Sounds almost too good to be true! Ken, is the restaurant walkng distance of a BART stop? Thanks

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      1. re: derek

        It is next to a Cal-Train stop (Mountain View station)


      2. Just got back from dinner at Fook Yuen, on El Camino in Millbrae (a block from Millbrae Avenue, and walking distance from Caltrain), where tonight was the last night of their January Special: 9.95 Maine Lobster, which I fortunately managed to catch.

        However, they are still running the following weekday specials for dinner:

        Tuesday--Maine Lobster Stir-fry with Supreme Sauce $13.80

        Wednesday--Braised Abalone with Seasonal Greens $12.80

        Thursday--Geoduck in 2 Courses: sauteed & spicy salt $28.80

        Friday--Dungeness Crab sauteed with Ginger and Scallion $13.80

        I can recommend, apart from anything made with beancurd or with seafood, the soup of the day, and the dimsum.