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Aug 14, 2000 05:27 PM

Virginia Beach restauants

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I'm going to VA Beach 2nd week of Sept & would appreciate any recommendations for decent restaurants...Love lobster & any kind of seafood and steaks...also breakfast suggestions needed..Thanks,Suzy

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  1. For seafood, try the Duck-In on Shore Drive -- great view of the Chesapeake Bay. For more country seafood try Blue Pete's on North Muddy Creek Road. Both are excellent, but Blue Pete's more upscale. For Italian, try Aldo's or Pasta e Pani, both on Laskin Road. For upscale, try Le Chambord on Great Neck Road - they also have a Bistro. For old southern charm, try Steinhilber's Thalia Acres Inn. Avoid most of the Oceanfront -- tourist traps and mediocre food. There is a bar on the 17th Street pier - Ocean Eddies, I think - that has great atmosphere for a beer and sometimes live music - the ocean crashing under your feet.

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      Steinhilber's is especially awesome, a real taste of Virginia cooking with breathtakingly good she-crab soup. Not convenient to anything, really, and quite old-fashioned, but the definitive area restaurant.

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        I second the recommendation of Le Chambord's bistro - I ate there during two different trips to Virginia Beach and found it outstanding. It's not cheap, though. Their bathrooms are the high end of my restaurant bathroom judging scale.

        The best meal I've had down there, though, was Mexican. A place called the Coyote Cafe, in a strip mall a few miles from the main drag. Yum!

        My best general recommendation is to scour the web for newspapers online and hit their restaurant review archives. This is how I found great local places that the tourist guides didn't mention at all. There were two reasonably good touristy places though. One was a barbecue joint whose name escapes me, but it's right on the main drag towards the left end as you face the beach. The other was (I think) The Jewish Mother - good deli, good desserts.

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          Instead of the Duck Inn, try going across the Lesner bridge to Croakers. Better place IMO. I love Steinhilber's too. My favorite is the fried shrimp. For something a bit exotic try Bangkok Garden at Loewmann's Plaza on V.B. Blvd.

        2. Ever since Nick closed down Valentino's on Witchduck I've been a man without a country. That was a nononsense New York style inexpensive sitdown with great food made with sauces and veggies fresh everyday.

          Virginia Beach eating is painfully slim, but somebody mentioned Mexican? If you're into the real deal grub being served by 'real' Mexicans and no fluff just good service and food, hands down you gotta check out El Loro in Chesapeake. IT's worth the trip. I make it a point to check the new Mexican joints out as they spring up in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

          There is also La Fiesta on Shoredrive in VA Beach, that recently got shutdown for a day or two by INS. NOW how's that for authentic! Goood Fajitas, great service... on the right days.

          Now I gotta disagree with anything associating the Duck-In and food. The Duck-In can pass for a great place to watch the bay, AWESOME location, but the food is awful and the service was terrible, both times I have been there. Slammmed my expectations on both occassions.

          When I mentioned my experience to a friend that religiously frequents that place for the weekend afterwork shindig his response to me was.
          "They serve food?"

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            Heading to VA Beach for a long weekend with 2 teen daughters and sister. Not quite jaded palates, but I am a chef, and my sister lives in DC and dines out regularly at the best. Where can we go for good, not fancy, food and FABULOUS service?

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              I am assuming you're staying at the oceanfront. If you want seafood restaurants, there is Mahi Mah's, Taug Taugs (sp?) Rockerfellas at Rudee Inlet (my personal favorite but there are about 3 or 4 others at Rudee Inlet). My favorite Italian place is La Bella Italia on Laskin Road but for a week-end dinner you may need reservations and the service can be spotty but the food is great. Virginia Beach is huge and there are good places scattered all over: Margie and Ray's at Sandbrige, Boardwok for fusion, Sushi and West at Red Mill Commons and then there is a glut of places at Town Center.. What are you looking for and how much of your weekend do you want to spend getting there. There are some great places in Norfolk which is one town over but you still need to drive there.

              Check out for a listing of current restaurants since most of the ones in this thread are closed. Just stay away from anything "buffet".

          2. Coastal Grill 1427 N. Great Neck Road

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