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Jul 24, 2000 12:13 PM

Richmond, Virginia's Joe's Inn

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The best place to eat in Richmond, Virginia is a neighborhood joint called Joe's Inn. It's located in the Fan District on Shields Avenue off the 2100 block of Grove Avenue. People from all over the region drive for miles to dine at the place despite the startlingly surly waitresses because of the pastrami sandwiches, meatball subs, and "spaghetti a la Joe." Those are the three meals I recommend there; I lived around the corner from the place for years before moving far away and it's the only restaurant in Richmond that I really miss. Also, if you happen to be passing through Richmond and are looking for something interesting to do, check out the uniquely beautiful Hollywood Cemetary. I'm not kidding: because of the fantastic statuary and phenomenally beautiful locale overlooking the river, it's the most compelling place in the city, and is the most popular place for first dates for those in the know, believe it or not. The fact that it's a graveyard is probably all too suitable if you look the rest of the city over. Another good spot to eat in Richmond is an unassuming Italian place called Mamma Zu's in the Oregon Hill neighborhood. It's southern Italian cuisine, so those that insist on northern victuals should stay away, but if you're a bit looser than that, you shouldn't miss that place either. It's quite a culinary adventure.

Michael Powers

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    K. Farnsworth

    I totally agree that if you are looking for good Italian, Mamma Zu's is the place to go. Lived for a few years in Naples Italy and this place sure lives up. I am always willing to drive the hour or so for dinner here if someone else is willing to go along!