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Jun 19, 2000 10:41 AM

Long Beach Island

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Hello all!! I am leaving Friday on vacation to Surf City, LBI (2 weeks) - Have never stayed there before. Can anyone reccomend good resturants/bars/markets/takeout/etc. (or where to avoid)???? Any info. would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    jonathan sibley

    Here are some thoughts:

    The restaurant at the top of the island (Barnegat) is associated with a very good fishmarket right near there and has some good dishes and is very informal. You can sit outside and look out at the water. It changed names last year, and I don't remember what it's called, but you'll see the picnic tables outside. The fishmarket, in Viking Village (I believe) is quite good, although sometimes you will see the same piece of tuna one day that was there the previous day. LBI has excellent scallops, btw, without preservatives.

    The Green Gable Inn can be quite good, but is quite pricey. I was very impressed 2 years ago, and less impressed last year, although it was still good.

    I ate at Yellowfin last year and was quite impressed. Somewhat New York-ish, but interesting, tasty dishes.

    When you come back, let us know what you find. I'm heading down for 2 weeks in August.

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      We had a delicious and memorable dinner at Green Gables in November. When you make the dinner reservation you tell them of any special needs (i.e. vegetarian, low cholesterol, etc). When you sit down to eat your menu is already set and the waiters won't tell you what's coming up. You just relax and let the meal unfold.
      I'm remembering a little casserole of lobster chunks, tender winter squash chunks, tomatoes, topped with gratinee. They served their own homemade gravlax -- the most melting I've ever tasted.
      It is indeed pricey, but we plan to go back for a special ocassion. You have to bring your own wine. Green Gables is also an inn. The rooms are very simple. It's just a block from the ocean. In the winter it was a quiet peaceful retreat.

    2. Hi - back from vacation :o(

      I didn't make it to the Green Gables - but we did find an exellent place - The Owl Tree in Harvey Cedars! They put a horseradish flavored cheese with breadsticks on the table first (yum!), then we had he crab cake appetizer with a chipolte sauce which was delicious. Then herbed bread and sweet cream butter. Even the salad and dressings were awesome! Me and my husband both had the Filet Mignon for dinner - hunks of LARGE JUMBO white crabmeat on top of the filet and then bernaise sauce!!! Of course we HAD to try the cream brule for dessert! Everything was perfect!!! I can't wait to go back!

      Another nice place we went to was Morrissons on the bay. The view is beautiful - go at sunset and watch the boats comming & going, very nice. If you like seafood fried especially - you will like this place. They also have several (landlubber) entrees. Reasonable prices.