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Jun 4, 2000 10:59 PM

Cherry Hill/Haddenfield/Vincentown/Burlington County Diners.

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I love to visit and revisit Cherry Hill/Burlington/Woodbury County,New Jersey. My favorite restaurant in the Cherry Hill area:"Ponzios". IT IS A GEM!! Since I have a cousin in Cherry Hill,New Jersey,(Who used to be involved in "Tasty-Kake's",I have come to know and love this area so very much.) Another great diner,in Medford/Vincentown/Burlington County-is ( I forgot the name) Boy,do I ever miss "Green Valley!!!!" Oh yes,there's also "The Pub". I really like the salad bar,plus the Prime Rib is just about the best I have ever had. "Olga's Diner" is also good. Ah,But "Tasty-Kakes,as John Barrymore said in "Hamlet:"Now There's The Rub!!" Or,"To EAT A Tasty-Kake OR Not TO EAT A TASTY-KAKE,THAT IS THE QUESTION!!!!!" Gee,I certainly miss the Haddenfield "Cheese Shop"!! Oh,and Finally,"THe BERLIN FARMER'S MARKET:WONDERFUL PRETZELS!!! I wish I could recall that really terrific place near Floyd Silver's "The ANTIQUE PHONOGRAPH CENTRE"--MY COUSINS,DAN/JAYNE/JOSH WEINER TOOK ME THERE A FEW TIMES. They do a very fine soup.

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  1. can you send a map of your town