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May 28, 2000 09:55 PM

Serial Diners of NY roadtrip/ Ted's / Schwabl's

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1. The newly-formed NYC chapter of Serial Diners (a real 10-yr.-old Toronto group) will be in Buffalo the last week of June. All area Chowhounders are cordially invited to join us. We don't know where we're going yet (suggestions welcome), but, when we do, we'll let you know! *** 2. More Buff. comments: What's so great about Ted's? I have had their product and didn't think much of it. Maybe it's just that your hot dogs are different from nyc hot dogs. Whatever it is, i believe this place is way over-rated. (Then again, you guys might not think much of Nathan's). *** 3. Anyone out there wanna tell me about Schwabl's? I've read the "Gourmet" article, but that's about all i know. What are the prices like? And who invented weck, anyway??????

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  1. Well, i'm here. The 2, 3, 4, or 18 of us have been SDNY-ing all over the place -- 5 rest. in a week. These are the places we honored with our presence: Buffalo -- Casa di Pizza, Louie's (the hot dog place -- took out), TGI Friday's; Niag. Falls, NY -- Pizza Express; Crystal Beach, Ont. -- the Palmwood. Of these, the only total loser was Pizza Express. Now we know why it was almost totally empty on a Sat. night (oddly enough, they seemed to be doing a brisk delivery business -- apparently, the good folks of the Falls wouldn't recognize a good pizza if it bit 'em in the ass)!! The slice we sampled wouldn't even rate one star in a school cafeteria. Never again!! More: Friday's -- fine sesame chicken & quesadillas; boring, too-big-if-you're-having-appetizers-first salad; so-so bacon cheeseburger; friendly waitress; loud music; Louie's -- sweet potato fries (i was insane about them the first time i had them -- not so insane now -- maybe wouldn't even get them again); ok cheeseburgers; extensive menu for a fast-food place; interesting shake flavors like pineapple and cinnamon (!!!); better than McD; the Palmwood -- cool (literally), funky sports bar/rest. with outdoor tables on deck that's almost in Lake Erie; so-so mixed seafood plate (many tiny fried shrimp, not enough scallops, big piece of mystery fish), good roast beef sand., ok salad & tempura; good place to spill a glass of wine; Casa di Pizza is described somewhere else here -- ok; would go back.