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Russian in Jersey?

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Any recommendations?

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    Rachel Perlow

    Emerald Restaurant, 973-467-8687, 633 Morris Tpke, Springfield
    This place bills itself as Russian, and has many typically Russian dishes on the menu or as specials, but it also has Italian/Continental cuisine as well. The food was very good when I went with my mom, esp. the Chicken Kiev (a special), and the Stuffed Cabbage (on the menu). My dad likes the borsht. It was quite reasonably priced, too. Something I asked the waitress about was the enormous amount of room to table ratio. Apparently, because their parking lot is rather small, firelaws or zoning limits the amount of seats they are allowed to have in the restaurant (which is _not_ small). Quite a welcome change to the usual "pack'm in" NY policies most NJ restaurants have adopted.

    Also spotted, but not tried is Peter the Great Restaurant at 238 Franklin Ave, Nutley, 973-562-6500. I've noticed it each time we've gone to Little Saigon (it's across the street). But, we've made the trip to Nutley for Vietnamese. Has anyone out there ever tried this place?

    1. A Russian friend attended a birthday party this past weekend at Russian Dreams, recently purchased, refurbished, and renamed by the owners of a Brighton Beach restaurant. Though she didn't care for the desserts, she found the food way improved and generally excellent, even if not quite so good as at her current Brighton favorite, Restaurant (not Café) Tatiana.

      Be aware that Russian Dreams is authentic -- it seats over a hundred, and is filled on weekend evenings with large, boisterous family groups enjoying enormous banquets to the tune of very loud entertainment. It’s quieter during off hours, and lunch is a bargain.

      Being a non-driver, my friend wasn’t certain of Russian Dreams’ exact location, but she said that it was within a few miles of her home in Morganville.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Amazing Russian Meal at Kabaret - Spotswood NJ
        This was a FUN dining experience - every aspect of it was AMAZING.
        Bring an entire group of people with you.
        The food was wonderful!

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        1. Anyone try the place by Vitamin Shoppe on 18 in east brunswick?

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            Next to the Korean Barbeque?
            Yes, lots of cigar smoking vodka drinking Rooskis.

          2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/594651
            Red Square is mentioned here. I was wondering if the Atlantic City Red Square is a relative of the one in Rehoboth.

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              Red Square (AC) is a Russian-themed restaurant, and one of my favorites, but I wouldn't call it authentic russian cuisine.

            2. Had amazing Russian Feasts at

              Kaberet - Spotswood NJ
              Russian Dreams - Manalapan NJ

              Good Russian /Uzbek Food:
              Shirin Cafe Manalapan NJ

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                Forgot one more Russian Restaurant in the Central NJ Area, personally, have not dined here.

                Crystal Palace Rt 9 Manalapan NJ

              2. Moscow on the Hudson in E. Brunswick? I've not heard much good.

                1. If you ever need Russian Blinis for entertaining.

                  Check out the
                  Arbat Deli - In the strip Mall
                  455 Rt 9 North
                  Marlboro, NJ 07746
                  (732) 972-5930

                  They were wonderful!
                  She also has lots of homemade russian foods and Perogies, chicken, meat, potato, and cabbage. Pleasantly surprised! They speak very little english but it was all good stuff.

                    1. oh yum! I know this post is 9 years old, but definately try Shirin Cafe in Manalapan. I forgot what delicious soul told me about this place (once I look at the thread, I will know!)..he was on the money! I have been 4 times so far..that's how good it is.



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                        Just be careful if you order the shish kebab. It comes on like 4 foot skewers and stabbing a dining companion is a distinct possibility... :-)

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                          ha ha!! We did order them on all occasions, and thank God my husband was on his best behavior...who knows what I might have done with that "sword"!!! lol

                      2. I also liked the Shirin Cafe. Its in the Design Center in Manalapan on Route 9.

                        Shirin Cafe
                        345 U.S. 9 South, Manalapan, NJ 07726