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Feb 8, 2000 09:19 AM

Essex/Union/Morris - Good Eats

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We are running out of ideas...Done all the local restaurants. Only things we find consistent Pizza, Sushi, Burgers. Please give me some ideas for great eats in the area around Millburn NJ...Essex/Union/Morris.

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    Rachel Perlow

    What specific types of cuisines are you looking for?

    JP Lee's on Millburn Ave, is fun, Mongolian BBQ, they also have Chinese Buffet & simple sushi, but the BBQ is the reason to go, skip the soups.

    Emerald on Morris Tpke, is supposedly Russian, but they have a lot continental items. VERY reasonably priced (practically cheap).

    Enzo's on Millburn Ave is excellent Italian.

    I know the surrounding area really well, so if you have more specific questions, please ask.

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    1. re: Rachel Perlow

      Thanks for the response. I have eaten at all and all are fine for the neighborhood, but non are truly great food.

      1. re: Beth
        Rachel Perlow

        I agree with your assessment, but you didn't answer my question... What are you looking for? Also, how far would you drive? Here are a few more suggestions:

        Tim Schaefer's Cuisine on South St in Morristown reflects the chef's CIA training. He used to be the chef at Creations in Madison before it reverted back to being The Meeting Place.

        Cinque Figlie, 26 Washington St, Morristown, is a wonderful, romantic Italian, named in honor of the chef/owner's five daughters. Another excellent Italian is Il Mondo Vecchio, 72 Main St, Madison.

        Garlic Rose, 41 Main St, Madison is quite a culinary adventure. As its name suggests, all the dishes here feature garlic. I've liked everything I've ever had here except for the Garlic Ice Cream!

        Do you like Indian? Moghul, 35 Morris St, Morristown, is a contemporary styled restaurant, upscale in atmosphere and price; Begum Palace, 300 Main St (by Staples), Madison is very homey; and Neelam in South Orange is somewhere in the middle of the other two.

        For Chinese, skip the former IHOP on Millburn Ave and head to Silver Pond on Route 10, East Hanover or Noodle Chu on Rt 46, Parsippany. Both of these places are good for dim sum or dinner. There's also a great place in Livingston, on Livingston Ave, to the left of Silverman's Housewares. It's either called North Sea Village or Ocean King - their both listed near each other in the yahoo yellow pages, but I'm thinking of the one right across Liv Ave from the hardware store.

        Speaking of Livingston - Check out Jerusalem Pizza's new location on Mt Pleasant. I've actually never had the pizza here, but the felafel, hummus, babaganous, and other salads are fabulous at this kosher dairy restaurant.

        Well, these should keep you busy for a while!

        1. re: Rachel Perlow

          I'll give Cinque Figlie, 26 Washington St, Morristown a try. I've heard about it and haven't been there yet. I've been to most of the others and have had mixed results. Ate at Silver pond a week ago with a friend for lunch and the Dim Sum was mediocre. I was very disappointed since I had always heard great things about it. Steamed items were pasty and fried items unpalatbly greasy. I would travel about 30 min in any direction for a great meal.

          1. re: Beth
            Rachel Perlow

            Jason & I just went to Silver Pond (in East Hanover) for dimsum this weekend for the first time in about 3 months (it was never as good as the SP in Fort Lee, but it wasn't as good as previous visits to this location either). The best stuff to get there are the dumplings (from the steam cart), noodle soups, sticky fried rice* or lotus leaf wrapped rice, and any green vegetable (usually gailon, but we had watercress on Sunday, very good).

            Most things that are passed on a tray (one type at a time - not recycled on the baked cart, see below) are fresh from the kitchen, esp. the salt & chili shrimp or squid, or other fried items. I tend to avoid the baked/fried cart. Things get soggy and/or cold too quickly.

            At SilverPond, the only thing from the steam table that I always get are the stuffed eggplant and/or green peppers. I'm usually tempted by the clams or snails, but Jason doesn't like them, so I can only get them when we're with friends who like them too.

            *Dim Sum tip for any restaurant: Whenever you see a cart or tray with one each of lots of different styles - SKIP THEM! These are the leftovers of previous passes around the room and are invariably cold. Whenever I get anything that's not from the steam cart I quickly check to see if it's still hot, if not, refuse it!

            BTW, the Silver Pond in Fort Lee is the best of their three restaurants (the 3rd is in Queens). There are no carts. Everything is passed individually by servers, although you still have to watch out for the mixed tray (as above, if there's more than one variety on a tray, the food is probably cold). Highly recommended there is the pan fried mai fun noodles with scallions. For some reason we can only get this dish at the East Hanover location with pork - different chefs, I guess.

            I'll bet you'll like Noodle Chu on Rt 46 or North Sea (Ocean King?) in Livingston (by Silverman's housewares) better than Silver Pond. Give them a try. (If you want, email me, and we can get together for dim sum, always looking for chowhound partners, and you get to try more varieties!)

            1. re: Rachel Perlow

              Has anyone tried the Chinese place in Milburn which is just past where Marsh's Jewelry Store is (was)? Went by there today--it looks good from the outside. Not the usual Chinese place look. I didn't see a name, just big Chinese characters on the building.

              1. re: Peter

                Peter---the Mid-Atlantic region is a big place!

                Where is Milburn?



                1. re: Peter
                  Rachel Perlow

                  Are you thinking of Chan's Palace (I think), which looks like an IHOP (this building used to be one), next to the the Suburban Bake Shoppe (I think the bakery changed owners/names recently though), or J&J Restaurant in the strip with Investors Savings Bank?

                  Chan's is traditional straight-forward cantonese, although I honestly haven't been there in years. It was OK growing up, but my taste in Chinese food is a little more sophisticated now. My brother has told me that J&J is good, but I've never been there.

                  Trisha - Millburn is in Essex County, NJ, this thread is a continuation on one started as "Essex/Union/Morris - Good Eats", so that's why Peter must've assumed all would know it's in NJ.

                  Peter - if it's not either of the above, please let me know, especially if you try it out!

              2. re: Beth
                John Piekarski

                I second the recommendation for Cinque Figlie. The food is good, the service friendly. Be sure to bring your own wine, though. (It's BYOB.)

                If you want fancy organic foods in Denville, you can try Cafe Metro. Again, good food, friendly service -- but not as fancy as Cinque Figlie.

                1. re: John Piekarski

                  I also agree with Cinque Figlie recommendation. Great food and nice atmosphere.

                  What about Main Street Cafe in Madison? The ownership changed recently and the restaurant has apparently improved. Great variety and reasonably priced. Service however is sometimes inconsistent. Excellent wine list. Great bar atmosphere with several TVs and tables to eat in the bar area also. Good place to go for everything from seafood entrees to sandwiches.

                  Also in Madison on Main Street is Garlic Rose. Another BYOB with EXCELLENT food and it is reasonably priced considering the high quality. Make a reservation in advance - it's small and weekends book 2 weeks in advance. That's always a good sign!

                  If you like Chinese, Chen's in New Providence is excellent. They have Japanese and Chinese. It's also BYOB. My jewish mother-in-law LOVED the place! Enough said!

                  For really upscale dining, Serenade in Chatham is supposed to be unbelievable. Haven't been there yet, but have heard all great things. Pricey but it is apparently New York level cuisine.


                  1. re: christine

                    I like american joe's grill in the short hills mall off of Rt. 24. great burgers, hot sourdough loaves of bread brought to table, extra fresh and hot! always packed. try it!!

                    1. re: ellen

                      If you're at Joe's, try the New England clam chowder!! Outstanding!! The best !!

                    2. re: christine

                      Try Scalini Fedelli in Chatham, Il Mondo Vecchio in Madison.

                2. re: Rachel Perlow

                  La Campagna in Morristown, Hunan in Morris plains

                  1. re: Rachel Perlow
                    Alice Anderson

                    Just want some kind of list....not all these
                    fancy websites that are time consuming and
                    show-offy.....just a simple list, please.

                    1. re: Alice Anderson
                      alice anderson

                      TO...BIRTHDAY OR WHATEVER

                      1. re: alice anderson

                        Yeah. That'll get a good response. Good luck with all that.

                  2. re: Beth

                    basilico in Millburn.