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Jan 15, 2000 02:05 PM

Wilmington, DE - help! only 2 GOOD ones found!

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We moved from DC to DE and have found only two GOOD eateries. One is the Asian Palace, exceptionaly
good eats "great ingredients make great dishes"! have enjoyed every dish I've tried so far, not
"run-of-the-mill" chinese fair. just off 95 at 202 north exit (In Independence Mall, on the right)
and the "Charcoal Pit " a hamburger/malt shop, still around since the 50's and still classicly good
eats! same exit about six or seven lights up, on the left.

We'd really love to hear about more, as we are starting to get "bad restauraunt" fatigue from all
our searching.

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  1. Plenty of good places to eat in Wilmington-How about Deep Blue or Toscana in Wilmington for special occaisions (same owner), Pizza By Elizabeth in Greenville, or Krazy Kats in Montchanin

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      Try The Library Square Cafe in Milford, De it is only about 50 minutes from Wilmington and is an excellent place to eat. The owners are adventuruos in their menu and compared to the prices in Wilmington they are quite reasonable and the wine prices are not way out of sight. If you like quail,duck,softshell crabs and other interesting varieties I suggest that you try it. The phone # is 302-424-0515 and I would make reservations on the weekends.

    2. I feel for you. I've lived in Wilmington for two years now and I am still looking for decent places to eat with interesting, well-executed food. On the upscale side, Tavola Toscana and Restaurant 821 are the only consistent winners. There are a couple of good Indian places on Kirkwood Highway, and if you want standard burger-type fare, you can get plenty. But quality ethnic cuisine is sorely lacking, as far as I've found. If anyone has any suggestions for those tired of the underwhelming cuisine that this town is so full of, I'd be thrilled.

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        I found some wonderful hot dogs at Veteran's Stadium. I enjoy them with mustard. The buns were soft and warm. I also like the beer, beer, beer.

      2. If you know your way around town there's a few good places to eat, mind you none of these are fancy but the food is good.

        1. El Tapatio - 1700 Philadelphia Pike
        A nice local Mexican resteraunt, much better then the much touted La Tolteca - the salsa ranges from decent to great depending on the evening. The frozen lime margaritas are strong and better then most places, and the food is pretty good. My friends who like Chi-Chi's rave about the Nacho's and standard fare, I prefer the following -

        #90 Tacos de Pollo Azado, corn tortillas, roasted chopped chicken, beans, and the usual sour cream/salad thing with 2 kinds of salsa. Its the tortillas that really are nice, with a lovely texture.

        #102 Mexican Chilaquiles - tortilla chips cooked with salsa, and beef tips, or chicken with cheese on top, served with rice, guacamole, sour cream etc

        #109 Chimichangas - Soft or fried. Flour tortillas filled with beef tips or chicken, smothered with a
        secret cheese sauce, topped with sour cream and
        guacamole and salad. I like the chicken, fried ones best... these are not Chi-Chi's food, but far more real and honest... very tasty.

        SteakWorks - its near Mr Pizza if you know where that is, huge subs, decent pizza and cheap.

        Nino's - Just opened up in BranMar Plaza its where Fat Rick's used to be. Really decent white pizza, good broccoli and spinach rolls, but they could use more garlic. Nice calzones, and cheap. I'm still working my way through the menu but its good cheap eats in a no frills setting.

        Ranch House - 24 hour place on 202, Order strategically. Club sandwiches, particularly the chicken salad are quite nice, breakfast during the breakfast hours is good. Ask yourself, could I make this at 3 am while sleepy and after having 2 beers and have it still be good. If the answer is yes, order, if not don't. Its a diner after all, what are you expecting.

        Golden Castle - similiar, I'm partial to the pork chops, stuffed shells and the 1/2 baked/broiled chicken. Stay away from fried anything..

        ANGEL's, across from Bran Mar (sp) Plaza, next to Richardson's flowermarket. Cash only, closes by 8pm, absolutely wonderful food, service like molasses only more casual. The pork chops are a dream of browned surfaces and juice, the mashed potatoes from scratch.

        And if you're feeling chainy

        Macaroni Grill, its fake authentic Italian, but there's some gems hidden in the menu if you look for them. Expensive, but lunch is cheaper.

        My two best bets - El Tapatio and Angels