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Apr 15, 1998 03:42 PM

Suggestions for Rockville, MD please

  • j

I realize that the header of my previous message was
ambiguious. I am seeking suggestions for good eats in
Rockville. Because of time constraints, it has to be
close in, so DC is out.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. I know this comes too late to do any good but,
    for Thai try Benjarong we tried duck in red curry and a
    seafood with fresh flat noodles.
    For Indian try Bombay Bistro. Everything is good. Try
    the Masala Dosa. A 24" diameter crepe filled with
    potato curry and a coconut chutney. You will not be

    1. m
      Mark Heintzelman

      for simple good eats you can't beat "Hard Times" chili. They serve Texas style (dry, Med, or all the way wet) cincinatti style, and chilli mac. All are "beans, onions, cheese" optional, the way chilli should be, and a vegitarian chilli which is fantastic! I generally don't like veggie anything, but with this, ya just don't miss the meat! just off 270 rockville exit (call for directions, i don't remember the road names, but it's a left at the first light off the overpass of 270, heading towards rockville city center, simply follow the road (through residential area) and its in the plaza just as the road doglegs around the park.

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      1. re: Mark Heintzelman

        Yes, the Hard Times does excellent chili. I'm sort of stuck on Texas (dry, my concession to sensible eating), which I always order with beans, parmesan, onion. I eat multiple packs of oyster crackers to make up for the fat I miss by ordering the chili dry.

        I live near the original Hard Times in Alexandria. They've been franchising in recent years, resulting in Hard Times Cafes in far flung states.

        Maybe ten years ago the Cincinnati Skyline chili parlor opened up in the DC area, but people didn't seem to go for it in sufficient numbers. I believe I made a passable version of Cinci chili using Jane Butel's chili cookbook. Pretty good for a guy who turns ordinary kitchen implements into instruments of evil.

        There used to be a place in Arlington called the Keyhole Inn, if I recall. They made a fiery chili. Hoo boy! My first time there I asked the bartender for Tabasco and he suggested I try the chili first. I didn't add Tabasco. This place was up the street from a huge taxi cab garage, a perfect location for such a fine establishment. Alas, it's long gone.

      2. My FAVORITE place in Rockville is India Grill (on Rockville Pike, I believe). I make a "pilgrimage" there everytime I go to DC. It's a quirky little place with a few booths and tables, an open kitchen and tin cafeteria trays for the buffet. The lunch buffet is $5.95 per person ($4.95 vegetarian) and the Sunday dinner buffet at $7.95 is a steal! Everything on the buffet table is excellent, especially the samosas you get with Sunday dinner! The staff couldn't be friendlier! Don't miss it!