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Jan 31, 2002 02:33 AM

Tin Pan

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Thinking of going to Tin Pan for a birthday dinner. The only thing I know about it is that it's fusion (not even sure about that) and it's good for groups. Found it on Citysearch. Does anyone know anything about this place? Any food recommendations I can't leave this place without trying?
Speaking of not leaving without trying. I have been ranting and raving about a dessert crepe I had at Ti Couz to my friends. I had it two years ago, but it was the best I have ever had. My friend and I were stuffed after the savory crepes we ordered (which were delicious), but we asked the waiter what he would suggest as a dessert crepe that we can't leave this place without trying. He brought it out, never even knew what it was called. It had Nutella, banana, ice cream, and chantilly cream. Sounds normal, but it was simply the best I've ever had.

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  1. No, no, anyplace but Tin Pan! The food just sucks there. It's lame-o fake Asian, mostly just big sloppy piles of noodles. However, it IS popular, and the neighborhood seems to like it, perhaps b/c of the long list of potent tropical drinks and the fun atmosphere. However, the waiters are often too busy contributing to the fun to actually worry about little stuff like remembering to bring appetizers and explaining the menu. If it's a birthday party, you'll probably have fun, but you won't have very good food/service.

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    1. re: dixieday

      I concur. Tin Pan is what I hate: pseudo pan-asian cuisine. Would you go to a "European Restaurant"?

      If so, I have nothing more to say to you! :)

      Go across the street to Thai House. Much better.

      1. re: Syre
        Nathan Landau

        I was never a fan of them (nor I suspect were most chowhounds), but "European restaurants" under the rubric of "Continental Cuisine." There was a time, not that long ago, when the San Jose Mercury hardly reviewed anything else.

    2. How this place stays in business is beyond me, but my neighborhood also has that fake Asian noodle place on 16th off Market, ZAO. Also awful..sorry to report. A group of us will be going to HOME which is the former JohnFrank, (also in the 'hood) for dinner this evening at 8:30... a review will surely follow tomorrow, perhaps it might be a viable alternative for you.(would Mecca be fun for a party?...anyone?)

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        Rochelle McCune

        I haven't been to Tin Pan because I can't forgive them for taking the place of the KILLER total chowhound joint that was there - the Swedish cafeteria! Loved that place! Cheap, cheap, cheap and good and filling. Since they closed at 4:30pm, the only time I could go there was when I called in sick but whenever I did, no matter how sick I was, I would drag myself over there for their Swedish Meatball & Potatoes plate - a giant plate of food with salad and bread for $4.25.

        I knew many single guys who would go there not only for the food, but to see all the young, newly immigrated Swedish waitresses the guy hired.

        Anyway, if you think Tin-Pan is bad, what about Leticia's??? That place is on my Top Ten Worst Restaurants in San Francisco list. How does it stay in business?

        P.S. When I need a good sophisticated adult beverage / after dinner drink and I'm in that area, I go to Zodiac Club - which is right across the street from Home on 14th.

        1. re: Rochelle McCune

          Speaking of Swedish chow, I remember reading about a Swedish place on Lombard in the Marina but can't remember the name. Any info -- name, food quality etc? Made a short trip to Stockholm a couple of months ago and was curious about Swedish offerings here.

          1. re: Rochelle McCune

            I loved that Swedish place!!! Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, and real split pea soup with chunks of sausage. I was so pisssed(!) when it closed. What a loss. But thanks for the memory!

          2. re: derek

            mecca's a great place for a party. wonderful people watching, great! drinks, comfy booths or for quieter dining ask for a corner table in the dining room. and the food last time we were there was delicious and beautifully presented.

            i almost used the coctail area for a birthday party one year, but ended up in a beautiful mansion with tuxedo'd waiters and magnums of veuve instead-not a bad trade!

            i whole heartedly recommend it.

          3. Been there several times. There are many better choices.