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Jun 18, 2006 10:14 PM

Breakfast spots near Philly Convention Center (without the bread)

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Hi all,
I'm spending a few days in Downtown Philly next week, and I'm looking for a good breakfast spot near the convention center. I need a place that deals more with eggs & cooked dishes rather than pancakes/pastries etc. as I can't eat gluten.
TIA for your suggestions!

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  1. Welcome to philly. That's a tough one. The reading terminal is a gluten haven but you can get a fruit shake or eggs there. What are you doing for lunches and dinners? We can recommend some good places if you are dining out. Just let me know what you like and price ranges.

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      Bluemonster from LA

      I put the Reading Terminal on my to-do list--it looks great.
      I'd love lunch & dinner suggestions! I'll also be spending time near the Philly Museum of Art. Mid to low-budget places preferred, as I am sadly not on an expense account. Generally, I find it easier to be gluten-free at normal restaurants for lunch & dinner b/c most places will do a bread-free sandwich or something.
      I love all mediterranean, middle eastern, French, and anything with good veggie & protein options. I avoid Chinese & pizzerias, and because I'm from LA, I'll pass on Philly's Mexican and Thai options. I'll also have to pass on the cheesesteaks :-(
      Thank you!

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        Hi, luckily there are a lot of choices for restaurants that will provide a good safe meal for celiacs in Philly. Here goes:

        Tops on our list is Matyson. It is byo, not a splurge place but not cheap either. It is on 20th near market. Entrees range in the high teens to low 20's with apps in the 10-15 range. The roast chicken is really fabulous and if they have truffled french fries on the menu get them cause they are fabulous and GF.

        Near the art museum at 25th and Meredith is Figs. Good medi byo. We eat there often. The fish, chicken and steak are all excellent. The king shrimp with vanilla rice is GF too. The tuna tartare app is good as is the tomatoes and mozzerella salad. Entrees run high teens to low 20s with apps in the high single digits.

        Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden
        is Venezuelan. I highly recommend them for both safe dining and a real bargain. Also byo they will cook many things in special oil for you. Just mention that you need GF and they will hand cut and fry french fries as well as their arepas (corn patties stuffed with various things). The steak marinated in cane sugar is GF and excellent. most of the items are GF except for the empanadas.

        For Italian try Radicchio at 4th and wood. Good risotto, fish and meat dishes. they are very careful with dietary stuff.

        For dessert go to Capigiro gelato at 13th and sansom or 20th and samsom. Mention that you need the gelato taken from a separate area in the tub (cause they have cones too). The best gelato outside of Italy - in fact better than most in Italy.

        Enjoy our city.

    2. I'm not sure if crepes have gluten in them, or not, but the creperie in the Reading Terminal Market (near the 12th Street entrance) serves a very nice breakfast.

      1. The Green House, Chestnut & Juniper (between 13th Street and Broad Street)has a buffet breakfast where you can get sausage and scrambled eggs, tater tots and other such items. You can eat in or take out. Pay by weight.

        Also, any of the ubitquous food carts will fry eggs w/bacon or sausage, which you can get with/without bread. My favorite is out front of McCormick & Schmicks, accross from City Hall.

        These suggestions are all within a few blocks of the Pennsylvania (not Philadelphia) Convention Center.

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