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Jun 17, 2006 03:08 PM

Indian options in / near Montgomery county

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NYC Chowhound here, trying to broaden my mother's food tastes. Going to be home for her birthday and I think I've finally convinced her that one bad curry 3 decades ago doesnt mean she hates Indian food and that "I dont like the taste of curry" makes no sense as curry can mean a million different things.

So I need a really good Indian option, if there is one. I remember years ago (probably 10), going to a place in Fort Washington, not far from the turnpike, that was quite good. But I've spent very little time in pennsylvania for the last 10 yrs and am at a loss and dont remember the name of that place.

Will we need to head into Philly?

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  1. The one near Fort Wshington is still there

    Called Palace of Asia.

    Couple of othersin North Wales, Sultan and Gateway of India.

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      Yeah, that sounds right! Thanks :)

      Now the big it still good?

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        In my opinion the best Buffett Lunch in the whole area is at AMANs in Norristown -- on 202 just past Blue Bell. Don't forget to get their new addition - authentic indian ice cream for dessert made by a small homemade ice cream shop in Bethlehem, Pa called Nuts About Ice Cream.

    2. Please review other posted messages on this board referring to Indian restaurants in the western suburbs including Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks County.

      A few Indian restaurants are located in various locations in northern Montgomery County in Montgomeryville (Sultan) and Ft. Washington (Palace of Asia), and two in King of Prussia (Jaipur and Desi Village) not including Indian Delight in the King of Prussia Mall which is more of a fast food expensive takeout location in the food court, one in Norristown (Aman's), at least two in Chester County (Wayne, Pa) at the Gateway Shopping Center and Chesterbrook Shopping Center, and three in Malvern/Frazer within a mile of each other.

      I'm not sure if the restaurant another poster listed is the one I know of called "Gateway TO India". If there is one called Gateway of India, I'm not aware of it. Maybe the poster was thinking of A Taste OF India.

      We all have our favorites and a description of these restaurants can be found on at least three different threads on this board. (You will have to scroll down quite a ways to find them. Most of them have been posted since February 2006.)

      Best buy is to go to the lunch buffets. Dinner will be more relaxed, romantic, and expensive than what is available during lunch.

      1. felafelboy pretty much covers it, but my votes go to (in this order):
        a taste of india
        royal india
        gateway to india

        still can't get into devi, aman's, taj mahal. just not a fan, but it might just be me.

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        1. re: rabidog

          As rabidog said, you can't go wrong on any of the three mentioned. (The others that were listed as "can't get into it" I think refers to the more different taste at those places - not to say you would not enjoy it, but you may be disappointed depending on what you are looking for and what kind of taste sensation you respond to.)

          The three places listed offer a great variety of food where you can normally find at least a few dishes you will really enjoy.
          I think ATOI uses more cilantro to season their dishes, as does Royal India, whereas GTI uses less. I may be wrong about this, but I think the seasoning of RI is more similar to that of ATOI versus the seasoning at GTI. Go to ATOI and RI for stronger flavor, GTI for more "delicate" flavor.

          It's interesting to read of the difference of opinions on Indian restaurants, but those opinions are always based on specific items. The specificity is the most helpful indicator others can read to match their preferences. For example, if someone likes less spicy food, with less oil used in cooking, they would like Aman's. If a patron knows they want spicier food, then this description would tell them clearly that this flavoring and food preparation will not be to their liking.

          I know the CH Team does not want promotion to other media sources on restaurants reviewed, so I will not list the source of a large review of Devi that appeared in my local newspaper. The reviewer liked it and described many different dosas offered. CH reviews for this restaurant have been rather negative, so his review surprised me. There was a picture of the inside of the restaurant. It looked very large but very undecored. Based on his review, it seemed like dishes were given an exotic treatment of south Indian flavoring, and that the restaurant was frequented by many native Asian Indian restaurant goers the night of the visit by the reviewer.

          1. re: FelafelBoy

            I've been to Devi for their lunch buffet, and really liked it. I probably liked it primarily for the fact that it was South Indian which I have not had often, but the food was good. I just can't compare to other South Indian restaurants. The lunch buffet at the time included a to-order HUGE dosa which would have been enough for lunch. I believe they have since changed so that the dosa they provide with the buffet is more appetizer-sized.