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Jun 14, 2006 11:29 AM

The Smoked Joint -- Anyone been lately?

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Is it still good? What not to miss?

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  1. Still great. We like the chicken wing app -- big and spicy and juicy. Also the cornbread (if you have at least 4 people -- otherwise it's too filling). Ribs are very good. Pastrami is amazing (make sure you tell them to give you a center cut -- sometimes it's gristly). I like the slaw. My husband likes the beans but I don't. The greens are just ok. never had room for dessert.

    1. It's still good. The best bets are the ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. The mac and cheese and chicken mac are good. Now the cornbread is sans peppers altogether (they tried two varieties neither of which added much in my opinion) but could be a touch sweeter. The briscuit usuallly is very good but can be infrequently overcooked.

      1. Maybe it's just me (a vegetarian in the smoked joint?) but everything I got was, well... too smoky. No other flavor. Maybe I was asking for it, I don't know.

        Non-food related, we went on an "open mic" night, which I'd recommend wholeheartedly you avoid! :) Your ears will thank you.

        1. You know, I pretty much agree with rabidog. I was there on an icy (my birthday) night in 2005, and although the food wasn't bad, I thought my brisket was...yeah, oversmoked or something. My daughter still talks about the wing appetizer. The macaroni and cheese was good, but I thought $10 was a lot of money for that. It was really OK, but we haven't been back.

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            i got the m&c too. i think it may be the only non-smoked thing on that menu. it was, right? you're right, though, it was pricey.

            oh, and parking in that area?... forget it.

          2. I really like the M&C, nice and garlicky. I thought the portion was very large for the price, unless they have changed it in the last 6 months. Good for vegetarians in the group.

            And there is plenty of parking near The Smoked Joint, at least 4 or 5 lots within 2 blocks. Or are you talking about "free" on-street parking.