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The Smoked Joint -- Anyone been lately?

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Is it still good? What not to miss?

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  1. Still great. We like the chicken wing app -- big and spicy and juicy. Also the cornbread (if you have at least 4 people -- otherwise it's too filling). Ribs are very good. Pastrami is amazing (make sure you tell them to give you a center cut -- sometimes it's gristly). I like the slaw. My husband likes the beans but I don't. The greens are just ok. never had room for dessert.

    1. It's still good. The best bets are the ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. The mac and cheese and chicken mac are good. Now the cornbread is sans peppers altogether (they tried two varieties neither of which added much in my opinion) but could be a touch sweeter. The briscuit usuallly is very good but can be infrequently overcooked.

      1. Maybe it's just me (a vegetarian in the smoked joint?) but everything I got was, well... too smoky. No other flavor. Maybe I was asking for it, I don't know.

        Non-food related, we went on an "open mic" night, which I'd recommend wholeheartedly you avoid! :) Your ears will thank you.

        1. You know, I pretty much agree with rabidog. I was there on an icy (my birthday) night in 2005, and although the food wasn't bad, I thought my brisket was...yeah, oversmoked or something. My daughter still talks about the wing appetizer. The macaroni and cheese was good, but I thought $10 was a lot of money for that. It was really OK, but we haven't been back.

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            i got the m&c too. i think it may be the only non-smoked thing on that menu. it was, right? you're right, though, it was pricey.

            oh, and parking in that area?... forget it.

          2. I really like the M&C, nice and garlicky. I thought the portion was very large for the price, unless they have changed it in the last 6 months. Good for vegetarians in the group.

            And there is plenty of parking near The Smoked Joint, at least 4 or 5 lots within 2 blocks. Or are you talking about "free" on-street parking.

            1. There's a parking lot (you gotta pay though) next to Estia right across the street. The Chicken Mac is very good too!

              1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one underwhelmed by the taste of the ribs and such. Had a few at the Rittenhouse Street Fair a couple of months ago and wasn't real crazy about the taste. Ribs were meaty enough but the taste was "off". I'd just as soon go the extra mile or 10 and head up to Sweet Lucy's

                1. Watch out Smoked Joint fans...they just instituted new summer hours. No more BBQ at lunchtime and they are closed on Mondays.

                  1. Darn! Since they introduced the $5 bowls of mac and cheese, it's been the lunch-out place of choice for my office. Guess we should have known it wouldn't last for long knowing that we could always bring a large group for a Friday lunch and have no problem getting a table.

                    As far as the menu comments, they have made several changes since opening and even in the last 6 months. More varieties and sizes of mac and cheese, fewer sides for the "meals", no more smoked salmon, brisket pitas are now brisket sandwiches... and a few more things that I'm sure I'm not recalling...

                    Most recently, format-wise, they introduced "real" menus, no more placemats/menus. Now it's the plastic covered, large-folded ones, with incredibly ugly paper inserts... I hope they didn't pay a graphic designer for those.

                    I think it's reasonably priced and easily accessible. If prices and parking are your concern with the Smoked Joint, what are you comparing it to?

                    1. Last year during the NFL season they had some good specials on both Sunday and Monday's, hopefully they do the same this year

                      1. Mac & cheese is amazing - but for BBQ I would go with Tommy Gunn's or Phoebe's.

                        1. According to a post on another Philadelphia-related blog, Friday is The Smoked Joint's last day.

                          1. That stinks...it might explain the new "summer hours." Anyone verify this other than the bartender rumor?

                            1. Friday is it's last night, but according to the Philadelphia Inquire it's going to re-open at a new location in September

                              1. I couldn't find anything online at the Inky website...anyone have a link (if that's permitted...).

                                They could use a better location. It truly was like eating in a pit!

                                1. Apparently it was in the Daily News... No new location has been announced yet.

                                  1. Here's the quote:
                                    "Smoked Joint burns out

                                    Tonight's the last chance for karaoke at the Smoked Joint (1420 Locust). The barbecue spot, which opened in September 2004, will close Friday, but hopes to re-open soon in a new location.

                                    1. "Owner Keith Gertler confirms that the Smoked Joint, the barbecue spot in the Academy House on Locust Street that opened in November 2004, will close after business tomorrow. He says he is tired of run-ins with the Academy House over smoke and plans to reopen elsewhere."

                                      I wonder where. Probably in center city, but it really did need a change. I ate there last year and the ribs were fantastic, but the ambiance was dreary. I doubt they did any renovations since it was Mirabella's.