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Jun 6, 2006 09:40 PM

Deuce restaurant

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anyone heard anything about deuce in northern liberties?

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  1. I was at Deuce not too long ago--fun place, and decent food. Stuffed pork chop and spinach salad with strawberries were tasty.

    1. i thought i'd report back since i've been passing and passing and passing on this place, until finally we went in, being the last place in nolibs we haven't tried!

      there was a good reason i kept passing on it - it just didn't "call out" to me like a good restaurant will. and once i was finally there, nothing on the menu particularly called out to me, either. there was nothing i really wanted and i found myself wishing i was across the walk at bar ferdinand. we ordered a scattering of plates, and again i just didn't feel very inspired by anything that was put in front of me. so uninspired i can't even remember what i ordered from there less than one week ago!! it wasn't inedible... it just wasn't anything to write home about. or anything that will draw me back for a second time.

      1. WE ate there a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. Can't remember anything specific at this time. My husband always wants to try new places so we won't return until we've gone thru his list!

        1. had a good hanger steak and fries a few months ago, but needed every votive candle in the place just to read the menu. Too dark, too young, too trendy and kinda blah and blech.

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            What is it about Northern Liberties restaurants and darkness? I guess they cater to vampires? Anyway, I had the kobe beef burger at Deuce last week and it was damn good. Plus they had the football game on. A bowl of spicy peanuts on the bar. Nice. Too young? Not really. At least that was my one experience.