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Jun 6, 2006 09:19 AM

Route Six time warp

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Planning to drive Rte. 6 west to Erie Pa. and wonder if anyone has thoughts about stops along the way.
It isn't a highly traveled route but I think it could be interesting with some help for other chowhounds.

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  1. I just rode my bicycle from Scranton to Warren on Route 6 this spring but I can't say I had anything of note food-wise. There is a lot of handsome countryside along the way, though. PA's Grand Canyon is worth a look, as is the Allegheny National Forest.

    Food-wise, I saw a lot of signs for "leek dip" in Northwest PA, mainly around Kane, PA, but I didn't get a chance to try it.


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      Thanks Orion. I thought that area was a bit of a chowhound wasteland so I'll enjoy the scenry. I must have been a great bike trip. If I get to sample leek dip I'll let you know.

      1. re: yenni

        "Leeks" are a native plant that are used for cooking and eaten raw in Northern PA. The only problem is they are only around about a month in the spring. They are not really "leeks" They are very tiny, very powerful onion-like veggies. They are called "leeks" I think because someone said they make you "reek" and they were mistakenly called "leeks" I can remember growing up in that area -- kids used to get expelled from school for eating them. No kidding! As far as places to eat "good luck". There are restaurants, but I have never eaten in any good ones. Wellsboro is a cute town with a downtown area that might be worth looking around. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon just outside of Wellsboro, while not on route 6, is worth a little detour. There is a lumberman's museum west of Galeton on route 6 that may have some interest. The previous writer was correct -- the countryside is breathtaking.

    2. Hmm...those aren't ramps or "wild leeks" are they? What you're talking about sounds similar and a ramp dip sounds to me pretty tasty.

      1. recently had a very unhappy experience at the Wellsboro Diner at breakfast. bad enough that the coffee tasted three times diluted and that the cheese spread on the omellette seemed to have been extruded from a tube, but of all horrors, the "genuine home fries" turned out top be greasy french fried globs that are becoming so popular now at places that cant be bothered to slice up their own potatoes. the waitress had no clue why i was unhappy with the meal and offered hash browns instead. ugh!