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Jun 1, 2006 08:40 AM

Sushi on the Main Line

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Hi all,

Tonight's dinner choices are Mikado and Samurai (both on Lancaster). I've been a regular at Mikado's, but I'm open to trying a new sushi bar. What does everyone think of Samurai? Or any other Main Line sushi bar for that matter?

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  1. Hana in Wayne is excellent. Tiny and BYO, but excellent, fresh sushi.

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    1. re: DH

      I second the vote for Hana. Excellent sushi!

      1. re: Doxiemama

        Third. Hana is great. Just don't go there on a Friday night when I'm trying to get a table ;)

        1. re: DanielleM

          Fourth - excellent, traditional sushi. No super wacky rolls or anything - just quality fish.

          Lots of other traditional items there as well, such as tempura, broiled fish, etc., but I always get sushi.

    2. m
      Main Line Tracey

      I like Mikado, I have been there many times, but have not tried Samuri yet. A bit pricier but really good is Margaret Kuos in Wayne. The upstairs is decorated Japanese style, and is really gorgeous, and it also has really good sushi. Excellent selection of japanese liquor, beer & Saki from what I noticed.

      Now, for ultra serious sushi I drive over to Jersey to go to Sagami in Collingswood. Ummmmm..........

      1. I was not impressed with Samurai. The service was VERY slow, there was no atmosphere and the sushi was only so so.

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        1. re: Saturninus

          DITTO! A big no to Samurai. Would go to Mikado over Samurai in a second, noting that one of the last times at Mikado, though, the rice wasn't superb. :(

        2. I looooove Sushi Land in Bryn Mawr.


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          1. re: Melissa

            That's right near me. What's it like?

            1. re: Saturninus

              I have never been to Sushi Land but someone I know reported getting sick after eating sushi there. You can draw your own conclusions about that!

              1. re: wingit

                Well, until I was pregnant we went about once a week for over a year, and I never got sick. The place is always packed on weekends. The chef is very fussy about his fish and we always found everything to be very fresh. I think the sushi is much better than what's at Mikado, and definitely what's at Samurai and Fuji Mountain.