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May 28, 2006 03:27 PM

Tre Scalini - Expanding??

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We drove by Tre Scalini today and noticed that the building next door was being renovated. What makes me think that Tre Scalini might be expanding is that the window on the first floor of the new building looked almost exactly like the angle shaped window currently on Tre Scalini.

Could just be a coincidence, but I'll keep an eye out and report back. Does anyone else have any inside info?

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  1. Yes...they're expanding. They're taking the building nextdoor and putting in about 12 more tables.

    1. Tre Scalini is moving from 1533 S 11th to the space formerly occupied by Trattoria Lucca at 1915 E Passyunk. It should happen late January 2007; last night at the old address is Saturday, January 20. Never got to Lucca; sad it didn't make it.