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Jan 30, 2002 01:39 PM

In Need of Some Good Fremont Restaurants - Any Cuisine

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The last message posted reminded me of my need to find some good places to eat dinner in the Fremont area. I find myself there about once a month with about 6 friends. What are some good places to eat there? (Please include price range info.) We tend to spend about $11 max on entrees so please try to keep in the range below that.

Some places I've already tried with success:
--My Thai (and it's patented Wall of Fire(tm)
--El Patio
--Fuddruckers (they make good burgers - really!)


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  1. You should do a search at the Chowhound homepage with "fremont".

    Here are some that are decent(not spectacular) and fit in your price range. For exact location - go to yellowpage (Yahoo yellow page)

    Banana Tree- a Malaysian restaurant. Try the satays, nasi lemak and the appetizers. Other dishes are not bad.

    Kum Kawn -Korean restaurant. Excellent small dishes and BBQ

    Pearls - California cuisine. This is ranked high and has excellent food. Lots of executives like this place. Probably beyond your budget.

    Spin a Yarn - Greek, Italian, and Continental Cuisine. Never tried this one but famous among locals.

    New Tung Kee noodle house - hearty noodle soup. Try the combo wonton noodle with separate soup and wide egg noodle. Also the freshly squeezed orange juice and the appetizers are great.

    I recommend to venture a bit beyond to Milpitas area where you will find greater choices especially authentic chinese cuisine. Again use the search engine for this. In the area where the Lion market in Milpitas has lots of good restaurants for reasonable prices. Among them are:
    -Fu Lam Moon - excellent Dim Sum varieties for only 1.50 or so. Can't be beat. The porridge(must order) is the best around here.
    - China Station: best BBQ meats around here. The BBQ combo with rice is enough to feed 2 adults for $6.00 or so.
    - Shanghai Garden accross from Fu Lam Moon is my favorite because it has ready made entrees you can see and point even if you can't speak chinese. Try the sliced beef, halibut fish, shrimps, twice cooked pork, etc, etc. They also have menus(translated) to order cooked dishes such as the leek omelette/radish omelette, steamed fish in soy sauce(oily but good), On-choy, Fried tofus, etc.
    - There are two Vietnamese restaurants in this complex. One of them is very crowded and has the best steak(Vietnam style) around. The other one has good Thai dishes.