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May 22, 2006 05:50 PM

Hershey for memorial day weekend?

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so the little woman wants to go to hershey for the weekend, and it seems like the only places to chow down are affiliated with the hershey hotel or hershey lodge. Please tell me there is something else.
I have heard Brian Kents is one name, and perhaps we can do that saturday night, but as they are closed sunday night, what are some other options?

the hershey hotel is ridiculously priced, so I'm guessing everywhere is going to have some kind of resort pricing. I am interested in the best food/drink/service within a very short distance of the hotel hershey. thanks for your help.

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  1. Try Lantern Lodge im Myerstown

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      thanks for the reply

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        The Lantern Lodge, please tell me you are kidding. First off it is at least a 40 minute drive. Second, the food is over rated PA dutch cuisine.

        If you can, go to Brian Kent's......simply put, it is outstanding. If not, drive to Harrisburg and go to any of the restaurants on Restaurant Row (2nd. St). The Hotel Hershey is expensive but is worth it.

        Let me know if you want any specific recommendations.