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Doylestown Treats?

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I'm new to the Doylestown area. We are discovering some places on our own, but curious if anyone can point us in the right direction. So far, Jules Pizza (the gorgonzola/fig jam/rosemary/proscuitto pie was addictive) and Mesquito grill (great wings, with, I might be crazy, a hint of sesame oil). Also heard Slate Bleu is good for brunch.
Anything else?

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  1. Cross Keys Diner (no dinners- just breakfast and lunch)! Also great (not for meals, just to shop) are Crossroads Bake Shop and Night Kitchen, just off the top of my head.

    1. Ignoring for a moment the Lambertville-New Hope area, I would recommend:

      --Just Eat by BrownGold in the Buckingham Green...chef is ex-Hamilton's Grill Room. Very fresh ingredients, excellent preparation, reasonable prices. BYO is a plus.

      --I could eat Jules Thin Crust three times a week

      --Baci, at the intersection of 202 and 263, serves authentic and enjoyable Northern Italian

      --The Carversville Inn

      1. We were really looking forward to Jules Thin Crust. Twenty-three pizzas are advertised but only 4 are available on platters for the customer to pick from. We figured if we ordered a full pie we'd be able to have any of the 23 offerings. Not so. Of the four salads, only two were available. This happened at lunch-time on a Wednesday.

        1. My husband and I like the Thai restaurant in Buckingham Green near JustEat.

          1. I had a wonderful dinner at the Knight House a few years ago. Beautiful outdoor patio, good food and service.

            1. Search for my previous postings on Slate Bleu... excellent for Brunch or Dinner too....
              also my post on Carversville Inn, ditto.

              Where is Cross Keys Diner, anyone ?

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                Cross Keys Diner is just outside of town. It's on 313 just off 611 (if you go north on 611/Main St., go right on 313, and it's just ahead on the left-- big red and white sign.

              2. Domani Star was good the 1 time I went...from what I remember it was good but quite expensive. (Some people describe expensive restaurants in the 'burbs as "Center City expensive; even though, in my experience, decent places in the 'burbs charge at least 20% more than comparable Center City joints...funny. Is it just me?). Nice casual atmosphere, italian/american menu. Good service.

                I've had one of my top ten WORST dining experiences at the Mesquito Grill the last time I went. The two of three times before that weren't much better. It's a good thing their beer selection is what it is or else I'd never dream of setting foot in that place again.

                Thai Thanee on Court St is consistantly good, if you like Thai.

                My Mom raved about Jules Thin Crust, so we met there for lunch. She really talked it up so I was expecting to have my mind blown. It was very, very OK. I tried three or four different styles and was not overly impressed. She even claimed it was better than Tacconelli's. Blasphemy!

                1. Check out these as well:

                  LILLY'S Gourmet & Catering (Fabulous lunch place with great daily specials; Generous portions at a reasonable price), 1 W. Court St., 215-230-7883

                  Cafe America (Excellent Mexican, also owned by Lilly, Open late), 1 W. Court St., 215-348-7838

                  The Knight House (great new outside bar), 96 W. State St., 215-489-9900

                  American Kitchen (dine inside or al fresco), 62 W State St, 215-230-7793

                  Ooka (Japanese), 110 Veterans Lane, 215-348-8185

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                    I second the Ooka recommendation. I used to frequent them when I lived in PA and worked in Doylestown.
                    It's more of a "hip" vibe, and I've always found the sushi to be very fresh and tasty. The service and staff are friendly and accomodating.
                    I think their menu is diverse and interesting as well.

                    If you're looking for a small, friendly mom and pop sandwich place, I highly recommend Schade's Little Store on Cottage Street. They make a very cheesy and good poached chicken cheesesteak. It isn't a classic cheesesteak by any means, but it is very tasty. I've had a few other things from their menu and they've all been very good. They also deliver locally.


                    Good luck with your search! Doylestown is a great little place!

                  2. We really enjoy Il Ristorante Melograno on Old Dublin Pike (actually it's in a strip mall), excellent Italian, not inexpensive but not break the bank either. They have a seared scallop appetizer that is superb!

                    1. Sorry to hear about GGoo's Mesquito Grille experience. I know the service can be a bit rough (Q: "Can I have half my wings spicy and half teriyaki?" A:"Since it's early, yes."). But you hit the nail on the head with the tasty beers, and they have great wings and a good burger. I think it's a place alot of 'burbs would like to have.
                      Lily's- service issues for my wife and I. Attitude out the wazoo, and not on only one occasion.
                      Another place we found was Crossroads's Bakery. It's in the shopping center with Cote and Co. Excellent pastries, good coffee, great selection of teas, cakes, etc. It's the Saturday morning stop now.
                      Speaking of Cote and Co., good cheese, excellent pate, but I feel like I should be able to get more there. How about fresh pasta sheets, or whole nutmeg?
                      Speaking of fresh pasta sheets, there's an italian shop going in right next to Poor Richard's. There is one in Warrington apparently, my wife says it's legit. Don't know if it's open yet, should be shortly.

                      Anyone know of the place going in on Main? It also looks like an upscale market.

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                        Lily's -- went there one time. Arrived 10 minutes prior to opening for dinner and was asked to come back at opening time. Went out into the cold night and have never been back. Attytood!

                      2. I have lived in D-town for 14 years, so I will give you my picks. ooka is really great, my favorite place. IL Melograno is great for Italian. If you like pizza also try Nat's and Pina's III. Also, the freight house has great steak, and awesome martini's, but I am not wild about the atmosphere and a lot of times it is too smokey. I did not enjoy the Knight house any of the three times that I went. Domani Star was really good the one time that I went. Lilly's is good, but they do have an attitude. I would stay away from Pag's restaurant and wine bar. Thai Thanee is decent. McGlinchey's has the best breakfast, better than cross keys in my opinion. Cross keys is good too, I just prefer McGlinchey's pancakes, oatmeal, omelettes and sausage. Cross keys bakery is good. La Maison cheese is good if you like french cheese. They also have other french goodies. The Italian Market that is now across from poor Richard's- I was disappointed with the italian treats/pastries. The Tiramisu was stale and the sfogliatelle was also stale. Teh bread was good though. Cheeses are decent. I didn't try anything else. I am curious what people think of the American Kitchen. I haven't eaten there because when I checked out the menu, I wasn't impressed and thought they were overpriced. Any thoughts?

                        1. Crossroads Bakery ( in a strip mall) in Cross Keys makes the best French Bread this side of Paris. The owners, a married couple were scientists who fell in love with bread baking and moved to France to lean how, came home bringing back the all important French oven and opened this spectacular bakery. They make many kinds of breads and pastries including remarkable croissants, brioche, focaccia , cakes and pies. My French parents are totally blown away by this jewel of a bakery!!!!!

                          1. Paganini Café at 81 West State Street has great Italian. I am surprised it has not been mentioned yet.

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                              I've been to Paganini's twice and have talked to people who have been there, and really thought it was horrible. The service was soooo bad! The waitresses were rude and slow. I ordered a dish and it still hadn't come 30 minutes later. When I asked her about it, she gave me attitude and said it just takes a long time to make it. And they are soooo stingy! There was a busboy who was walking around with a basket of sliced bread. He gave us all one slice of bread and then wouldn't come back unless we flagged him down or asked a server to get us more bread. I had ordered a seafood pasta dish, and it had one shrimp and two small mussels. I definitely would never go back there. Bad food, bad service... I don't know how they stay in business.

                            2. Figured I would revive this chat and report back on some Doylestown opinions. First, the good:
                              The Knight House. I just only got takeout, but I was curious about the burger there. I can tell you, I thought it was outstanding! Great char, cooked a perfect medium, excellent seasonings. The sauce they serve with it (mayo base) was a bit drab. It could use a punch of garlic or onion, but again, the burger itself was excellent. Very disappointed with the fries, however. Thin, limp, undercooked- they never got to the golden, brown, delicious stage. Also got a side of the mac and cheese (it was research!). It was ok. On the menu, it states that it has an herbed potato chip crust. I didn't notice it, really. A little tang from either a sharp white cheddar or even a bit of goat cheese, penne was used. Good mac and cheese, not transcendent. By the way, the courtyard in the back looked really cool with a chiminea going and a big tv recessed into a shed looking building in the back.
                              Black Walnut. This place was good. Thai/french. Very friendly service. My wife and I went and had a nice meal. A very tasty soup with lemongrass broth and thai curry with shrimp and carrots. Chicken skewers with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce was fruity, I think it some mango in it, but the chicken was awesome! It was just chicken skewered and grilled, but for some reason I keep thinking of it. Pad thai was very good too, and when you get your pad thai hankering, having a place to get your fix is very important!
                              The bad:
                              Il melograno. Terrible service, arrogant almost, like we and our take out order were definitely a bother to them. Our meal was terrible too. The menu said crabmeat ravioli. My wife wanted crabmeat ravioli. What we got were obviously pre-made run of the mill cheese ravioli with a dollop of crab meat on top. Cutting corners? Check. Culinary sacrilege (shellfish and cheese)? Check. Not being burdened anymore by my takeout order? Check.

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                                I'm surprised you got good service at Black Walnut. The night I went, the server was almost dropping our plates on the table. Thai Thanee was a lot better. But the ambiance is of course not as nice as the Walnut.
                                The best Thai food I've had is 15 minutes in Lansdale. Nadia Thai is across from the train station, and I was really shocked that it was so good. The best dish they have is Jungle Chicken. Very spicy and lots of vegies and chicken. Their drunken noodle and pineapple fried rice is also really good.
                                Of course for really good Thai, Lemongrass in the city is great as well as Tsing Hao. But if you don't want to drive far, Nadia Thai is by far my favorite.

                              2. Hi, I am also fairly new and here is what my fiancee have discovered in the past 9 months: Ooka is the best food, atmosphere and price in Doylestown- it is just wonderful! We were so happy when we found Ooka because we have had such terrible experience with other restaurants in town finding them mostly to be: greasy, bland, overpriced and boring menus. A lot of Italian and not good Italian, but bad Italian. Whatever you do, don't go to Villa Barolo. We thought they would have good food because of the sign outside about the organic meat they carry but it was truly horrendous and overpriced. Rubbery meet, bland overcooked vegetables, potatoes of playdough consistency and flavor and cosmo's that taste like cough syrup. I am a vegetarian and my husband is an omnivore so we mostly find that there are no places with vegetarian options and if they do have veg options, it is bland, overpriced pasta that i could make better at home! We went to Mesquito Grill last night and their veggie bbq wrap was actually quite delicious. Cactus Grill is disgusting- they got both our orders wrong and the food was terrible. The Jamaican vegetarian cafe that is open in the summer is healthy, but unfortunately very bland. Chambers has a huge menu and my fiance enjoyed his chicken pesto and my salad was good but there were not many healthy or vegetarian options. B. Maxwell's is disgusting- everything is fried and flavorless. There was another Italian restaurant we went to that i can't remember the name of but it was awful too- the cafe that is across the street from B. Maxwell's. If anyone else has any good reccomendations for Doylestown i would be happy to hear about them, especially good vegetarian options , because eating here has been miserable and expensive- except for Ooka! What Doylestown really needs is a good Indian restaurant (which is opening soon), a Greek restaurant and any other ethnic foods for variety.

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                                  Hot Spot, in the shopping center with Genuardi's, has mostly lousy food. However, if you're in the mood for Greek, they have decent spanakopita and Greek salad. You can even get the spinach pies unbaked and bake 'em at home.

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                                    Cilantro's in Doylestown: Bad service, bad food and absolutely cheesy decor. Makes you feel like you're in a dive restaurant (oxymoron) in Tijuana with a bad hangover. I'd almost opt to pay for overpriced mediocre food served by the pretentious, euro-snob at Pag's Wine Bar. Better choices: Knight House, Baci, Il Melograno, The WaterWheel, and the Centre Bridge Inn.

                                  2. Up 611 in, I think, the Plumsteadville shopping center (the one with the Ace Hardware), is La Rancerita Mexican. They have, among other things, cow head and cow tongue tacos. That's not my cup of tea, but any place that has an audience for that type of food has to be chow-worthy!
                                    Actually, we've ordered from them a couple of times, and it has been quite good.
                                    The same people own a Mexican market north on 611 a mile or two- it's the only place in the area that I can find a brick of achiote. My grilled chicken has been transformed by the achiote!