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May 18, 2006 09:27 PM

Doylestown Treats?

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I'm new to the Doylestown area. We are discovering some places on our own, but curious if anyone can point us in the right direction. So far, Jules Pizza (the gorgonzola/fig jam/rosemary/proscuitto pie was addictive) and Mesquito grill (great wings, with, I might be crazy, a hint of sesame oil). Also heard Slate Bleu is good for brunch.
Anything else?

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  1. Cross Keys Diner (no dinners- just breakfast and lunch)! Also great (not for meals, just to shop) are Crossroads Bake Shop and Night Kitchen, just off the top of my head.

    1. Ignoring for a moment the Lambertville-New Hope area, I would recommend:

      --Just Eat by BrownGold in the Buckingham Green...chef is ex-Hamilton's Grill Room. Very fresh ingredients, excellent preparation, reasonable prices. BYO is a plus.

      --I could eat Jules Thin Crust three times a week

      --Baci, at the intersection of 202 and 263, serves authentic and enjoyable Northern Italian

      --The Carversville Inn

      1. We were really looking forward to Jules Thin Crust. Twenty-three pizzas are advertised but only 4 are available on platters for the customer to pick from. We figured if we ordered a full pie we'd be able to have any of the 23 offerings. Not so. Of the four salads, only two were available. This happened at lunch-time on a Wednesday.

        1. My husband and I like the Thai restaurant in Buckingham Green near JustEat.

          1. I had a wonderful dinner at the Knight House a few years ago. Beautiful outdoor patio, good food and service.