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May 17, 2006 12:33 PM

Need Restaurant Downtown Pittsburgh

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Going to be in Pittsburgh next Saturday night the 27th. Need a recommendation. Nothing too fancy. we are staying at the courtyard just a few blocks from the Clemente bridge. In walking distance would be a definite plus.


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  1. Try Kaya in the Strip Disctrict. It's not within walking distance but it's a short cab ride. Check and click on the Kaya link. Happy hour is 5-7 M-F with half off drinks. The food is great. We go for the food and the half off drinks are just a plus. If you like sweeter drinks I recommend the Pina Coloda on the rocks and Mango Mojito. Enjoy.


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      If you happen to not like the menu at Kaya, Roland's, also in the Strip District, has a nice big bar and good seafood. Their fish sandwich is my favorite fish sandwich in Pittsburgh.

    2. Hi and welcome. Closer to where you're staying are the Sonoma Grill and Six Penn. There is also a new Asian fusion restaurant across from the Warhol museum; I haven't been there but I read a good review.

      1. TONIC is your best choice. Delicious, moderately priced, great atmosphere, near everything.


        1. There is Polish Cuisine in the area if you interested.
          On Penn Avenue,

          1. Sonoma is nice wine bar(not a far walk) better appetizer bar than anything. Alot of wines to try by the glass. Make sure they open the bottle fresh. They have a tendency to keep bottles alittle too long sometimes. Six Penn is fun to have a drink outside on their rooftop bar. food not bad(not great but not bad). If you want a simple food stop the gyro shop on 6th is really good if you like gyros. Had a wonderful mushroom risotto at Palatte Bistro. right on 6th. My wife and I actually like to walk from spot to spot and try a small dish at the bar and move on. try it your in the right area for that. Cafe Zao is right there also and worth a "stop" on your tour. enjoy