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Jan 30, 2002 12:34 AM

DAT @ Silk's

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We just finished the most wonderful meal at Silk's. The food was outstanding, it was an amazing bargain, the service was impeccable, and the room was a quiet delight.

When we were seated for our 7:30 reservations, the Maitre D told us that the DAT menu was for 6:00PM seating. When I informed him that when I made the reservations, I specifically asked about the DAT menu, he brought it immediately with no hassle.

The first course was a choice between Wild Mushroom Consomme and Sonoma Field Greens. The consomme had a maitake tempura in it. Maitake is a Japanese mushroom similar to a boar's head mushroom, The flavors, textures, and appearance were all excellent. The field greens were piled a little to the right of center with a huckleberry vinagrette. Propped against the greens was a slice of "lacquered pear". To the left was a little dish with a blue cheese souffle.
It was all incredible.

The main course was a choice among Cannellini Bean Goat Cheese Agnolotti ($22 on reg menu), Pan-Roasted Poussin ($32), Seared Sterling Salmon($28). The Agnolotti (ravioli) was served with artichokes and baby leeks in a basil broth, and was very rich and satisfying. The poussin had four perfectly cooked, crispy pieces atop a bed of chive mashed potatoes that were delightfully creamy. Around this were crisp green beans with fois gras and carrots. It came with a corinth grape verjus sauce.

The salmon which we didn't sample came with an endive marmalade, celery root, and a red wine daube sauce.

Dessert was a choice between a Chocolate Caramel Tart with creme fraiche ice cream or a pair of sorbets (blood orange and satsuma tangerine) in an orange blossom soup. Both were wonderful, and served in a very artistic manner.

I highly recommend this meal. Silk's has extended it to Feb 10.

Also, Silk's has been so pleased with this promotion that they are planning a regular 3 course prixe fixe called Silk's at Six in the near future, at a slightly higher price.

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  1. Nice to hear that the food at Silk's is still good. The service was always top notch and the room is quiet enough that you can actually have a conversation-imagine that.