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Jan 29, 2002 06:54 PM

Going to Ponzu this Friday, menu suggestions?

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After doing my research :) I've decided to make a reservation this Friday for Ponzu.
Anything particular I have to order? I gave a read to Michael Bauer's review in the Chronicle, but wanted Chowhound's opinion for sure.

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  1. s
    SF food explorer

    Food wasn't as good as expected. We started out with Flatbread and the Thai Chicken Wings. Wouldn't recommend the Wings but the Flatbread was good. We had the Flatiron steak which tasted likes it name. I would consider spending your money at Slanted Door for the same type of cuisine.

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    1. re: SF food explorer

      the cream puffs are to die for!!!!

      the hoisin ribs will melt in your mouth!

      The roti bread is far superior than the flatbread!

      calamari is fabulous.
      ask for matt or christine to be your server!

      have a caipirinha to start, (lots of rum!)

      eat, drink, lounge!!!!!!

    2. r
      Randy Salenfriend

      Hi Wendy

      We haven't been in over a year but with that caveat, we loved the calamari, the noodles with different sauces served on the side that you add to your taste, the whole fish (can't remember what type) and the lamb. There was not one clunker that I can remember, although as I said, it has been awhile. Hope you enjoy it!!


      1. n
        Nathan Landau

        It's been a while, but we went there and had a terrific and well-explained tasting menu (too bad the little gray cells didn't retain what we had!). I compared it positively to Oritalia, which subsequently went out of business. Fun decor too.

        1. Avoid the sugercane prawns.

          Check out some of the side dishes for a good bargain and good eats. I like the Green Monster Noodles.

          The music at the bar can be loud and bad, so we usually try to get a table near the back.