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Jan 29, 2002 06:20 PM


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I've never had haggis, but I'd like to try it. Any recommendations for good haggis in SF? Is there such a thing?

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  1. what are haggis?

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      1. re: Jupiter

        I beg to differ, even though I am far from being born wearing a kilt . I have recently had a mouthwatering plate of Haggis in Edinborough -- chased down with a good Islay it is fantastic. No strange flavors or smells, just well-seasoned meat taste with the oat texture. I suggest you find your local Robbie Burns society and weasel into their annual dinner. You may have to get a kilt and acquire a name (or a date with one) that goes Mc...


      2. re: Wendy Lai

        That should be what *is* haggis. It's the national dish of Scotland.

        IIRC, in it's most traditional form it's oatmeal and various kinds of offal stuffed into a sheep's stomach and steamed (or boiled, like plum pudding).

        Not something I ever had a yen to try, but to each her own.

        1. re: Wendy Lai

          The casing is a sheep's stomach
          Inside are oatmeal, mutton suet, lamb or deer liver (boiled and minced), onion, cayenne pepper and the heart and lights of a sheep (also boiled and minced).

          Properly done, 'tis wonderful.

          The Scotsman usually has an article or two on haggis (the annual haggis hunt just ended)

          1. re: Wendy Lai
            susan mactavish best

            how odd. i was about to post a message looking for suet so i can make haggis.

            haggis really isn't nasty at all. it's quite delicious. obviously it's rather difficult to make the traditional haggis from scratch in sf. but with some ground lamb, liver, spices, and oatmeal, delish! in fact, i'm having a burns night supper this week and serving it to all my lucky guests.

            here's haggis at its best.

          2. I don't know where in the US you can get authentic haggis. Originally, it was made from venison, but now lamb is common for the better grades. I get mine in Scotland from the butcher who gets the "Best Haggis in Scotland" award almost every year (Mr. Crumbies in Edinburgh).
            Properly done, haggis is a grand dish. Serve it with "neeps and tatties" (turnips and potatoes) and a dram of whiskey (Scot, of course). Sadly, what I call "hotel haggis" is uniformly awful.
            Anyone who rails against haggis probably hasn't tried it or was the victim of hotel haggis.

            1. I tried it when I was working in Scotland. Thats all I can say. I remember seeing 'vegetarian haggis' in the supermarkets in London, which I thought was funny.

              1. Doesn't Rosamune in the Lower Haight make great haggis on Wednesday nights?

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                  Shepherd B. Goode

                  Yeah, but it's always sold out by the time I get there.