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May 3, 2006 07:35 PM

Best Hot & Sour Soup in Philly

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I love hot and sour soup and was wondering if people can suggets the best place to get it. Here are some requirements:

no msg used
prefer no cornstarch added (if this is possible)
can take-out
must be in west philly, old city, art museum or somewhere in center city (don't have car!)


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  1. Lee how fook -- 11st in chinatown

    1. My husband has traveled the world to find the best hot and sour soup.
      His favorite: Lee How Fook, on N. 11th St.
      So far, he's never found any he likes better.
      You'll have to ask them about the MSG.

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      1. re: Sylvia G

        Call me crazy, but I always feel like I "just know" when something has MSG in it -- it puts me in this odd food coma -- which is why i will never eat at a chinese buffet.

        I don't think I've had anything from lee how fook that has ever made me feel that way. Everything is fresh and expertly prepared.

        1. re: DanielleM

          Its not crazy. MSG induces migraines for some people. So, if I forget to ask for it without, I know....big time!

          1. re: taxchic
            Jersey City Mods

            I know what you mean. I don't get that bloated msg feeling from Lee How Fook. And their hot and sour soup is the best I've ever eaten. It's more like a giant lobster pot full of soup.

        2. re: Sylvia G

          thanks for all the replies but I just went on Lee How Fook's website and looked at the price of the hot & sour soup, $5.95! The most I've ever seen the soup is maybe $2 at a very gourmet chinese restaurant. why so much? how much is it for one person for take out?

          where else can other people suggest for hot & sour soup that's *reasonable*???

          1. re: pete

            Lee How Fook doesn't have hot and sour soup for one.
            It would serve four people generously.
            Our solution: my husband has a couple of bowls in the restaurant, and takes the rest home for the next day.

            1. re: Sylvia G

              for take-out will they give you a single portion?

              1. re: loni

                no. it's a pint.

                1. re: DanielleM

                  isn't a pint perfect for a single portion?

                  1. re: rumdrinks

                    Love it! Right on!

                    1. re: rumdrinks

                      ha, yes -- for me.

                      Actually it's probably closer to a quart that they give you. Whatever, this whole line of questions is starting to get ridiculous. Just get the soup at lee how fook, who cares how much you have leftover?

                      1. re: DanielleM

                        dude, the hot and sour soup there isn't that fantastic. i'd be hard pressed to name 'the best' since so many come in close, but my favorite (since i like it spicy) comes from yue kee, a chinese food truck in west philly. absolute heaven, i eat it summer, winter, whenever. shiao lan kung's is pretty good too, though closer to lee how fouk's. if you want the best chinese soup in philly, shiao lan kung's seafood beancurd coup. oh hells yeah....

              2. re: pete
                Jersey City Mods

                Like I said, it is not a bowl... it is practically a Lobster Pot!

            2. I third the Lee How Fook rec. The hot & sour soup is incredible.

              1. It seems that everyone likes this Lee How Fook. But Like Pete, I'm looking for a place where they have single serving portions (or the regular pint for take-out).

                What is the second best place to get hot and sour soup?

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                1. re: tracey

                  you can get a pint to go from lee how fook --

                  but, another option for decent hot and sour is sang kee. 9th street in chinatown.

                  1. re: tracey

                    I also like Lee How Fook the best of what I've tasted, but I think Szechuan Tasty House's version at 9th and Arch is also very good, and comes in a $2 version.

                  2. The seafood hot and sour soup at Szechuan Tasty House takes the dish to new levels. I recommend it. It is more expensive, and smallest portion is a pint. Worth every penny.