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Jan 29, 2002 01:41 PM

Macarthur Park

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I am off to macarthur park for lunch in 30 minutes. in recomendations?

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  1. Is it too late to recommend going somewhere else [g]?

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      when i worked at Sharper Image... we drowned miserable days in their grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup lunch special.

      that may be the only thing on the menu REALLY worth getting.

      That and a nice microbrew.

      1. re: Fatemeh

        UGH. I feel ill. too much goddamn food, and lousy fries too boot. BUT, again, since i am all about Appetizers, i went with the grilled Asparagus with tapenade and basil aioli on the side, and it was actually REALLY good, but the rest was killing me. I got the grilled cheese and tomato soup and i was a little overwhelmed with the grease in my bread and the soup tasted like campbells and the fries were soggy. least i didn't pay and the asparagus was totally worth it.
        Actually, my boss got the filet mignon with what i am guessing was a potato gratin. the gratin looked awful, but the filet looked excellent. i am sure he saw me eyeing it profusely while he ate it. oh well...maybe it all tasted bad to me cause i had spent the morning picking at my leftovers from dinner last night that I MADE myself and would have been happier with, Sesame oil roasted chicken with roasted shitakes and fingerling potatoes. that would have been a good lunch.

        1. re: Jupiter

          Ugh. I feel sick just hearing about your soup and sandwich. I feel really bad now.

          But I guess I probably should have mentioned that the grilled cheese is dripping with butter. That's kind of how I like mine... sorry!

          And I thought I was giving you a safe suggestion!

          1. re: Fatemeh

            No worries, Fatemeh, i actually did not see your suggestion until AFTER i got back from lunch! I guess great minds think alike, but i gotta warn you, the grilled cheese may not be as good as you remember it.
            Maybe if i had a cocktail with it, i would have enjoyed it more!
            oh well...
            better luck next time.

      2. re: Ruth Lafler
        Burke and Wells

        Second that. MacArthur Park is on my all time SF Bay Area BOTTOM 10 list. I recommend getting work to pay for it, so at least all you've had is poor food and service, at another's expense.




      3. t
        Thomas E Gorman

        When I was growing up, there was a story that Macarthur Park used to have a pet peacock roaming a large penned off area in the bar. Anyone know anything about that?


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        1. re: Thomas E Gorman

          When Macarthur Park first started, it was a marvelous high-concept type of place. The kind of spot a rich hippie architect would take his filmmaker client.

          Yes, there was an aviary against the far wall with lots of fluttering birds. And, there was a sculptural fountain/waterfall thing against another wall. The furniture and decor were all tres California moderne chic.

          The food was very good, sort of cutting edge pre-cliche. The best thing for lunch was a Cobb Salad, and it was excellent. The bar was a real hotspot at cocktail hour, with crowds of stylish young singles bunched up outside waiting to get in.

          Last time I was there, most of the ambience had vanished, along with the birds and waterfall, and the place had become a sort of generic BBQ ribs and baked potato spot.