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Jan 29, 2002 12:41 PM

Rosamunde burgers!

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So, who's going to Rosamunde for burgers today? Lunch is coming up soon...Also, I'm going to Traktir (Russian/Georgian place out in the avenues) tonight--will report back! Turns out "traktir" is NOT the Russian word for tractor :) but instead means "pub" or "tavern"--casual places for food and drink. Originally meant a place that, like many English pubs, also included an inn with beds for overnight guests. Women were not allowed in, because of the fear that they would keep their husbands from drinking--thus lessening the house's profits.


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  1. With all the hype surrounding this place, I decided to try it out this afternoon. I was pretty disappointed. Maybe I should have asked for medium rare. I prefer Bill's or Joe's Cable car. Buffalo burger's on 18th and Geary might be a better alternative. There fries are good as well.

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    1. re: George S


      can you be more specific? sounds like it was overcooked...was that the only problem?

      and how DID you order it?

      it's always good to get other points of view, thanks for posting!


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Actually I didn't specify, nor was I asked when I ordered the burger. Maybe I'll give it a second chance and oreder the burger medium rare, the way I usually prefer my burgers.

        1. re: George
          Zach Georgopoulos

          Also, don't forget that burgers are just a sideline at Rosamunde's! Don't let one bad burger experience sour you on the place -- go back on another day and try their sausages.

    2. After reading all the talk about Rosamunde burgers on this board, I went yesterday to see what all the fuss was about.

      I was asked how I wanted it done, and I said medium rare. It was an immense construction, with excellent toppings (though I'd have them leave the ketchup next time), including thickly-sliced pickles and tomatoes. The burger itself was crisp on the outside, juicy in, with fantastic, grilled, smoky flavor. I thought it was delicious.

      But I also stipulate the benefits of both kinds of burgers: the grilled and the fried. Sometimes it's nice to have a thin one, just up from the griddle--it's a bit greasier, but the flavors are different and just as appealing.