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Apr 19, 2006 04:48 PM

German restaurant in Carlisle/Harrisburg area

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I'm searchng for an authentic German, NOT AMISH OR PA DUTCH, restaurant in the Chambersburg, Carlisle, York, or Harrisburg area. Must be true German if possible, not a place serving bratwurst & kraut & weiner schnitzel amongst thirty other menu offerings and calling itself "German".

Years ago I went to a place in or near Hanover that I thoroughly enjoyed for it's authenticity. Alas, I understand it is no longer in business. I have also learned Schnitzel's in Bellefonte is closed due to a recent fire.

Any help will b sincerely appreciated!

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  1. How about Hagerstown, MD? There is a German restaurant there called the Schmenkeral Stube. Spelling is just a guess there. I know for sure they have a website. I found it by searching for restaurants in Hagerstown when i was looking for a place to meet my uncle for dinner in Hagerstown. I used to go there in the early 90's and was happy to hear it's still in existance. I remember it being really yummy. From the website I saw that they have a nice beer list. I hope this helps!

    1. I grew up in Hanover. You must mean the Hofbrauhaus in Abbottstown, it's between Hanover and York. As far as I know it is still in business. I only ate there twice - once with my high school German class, from what I remember it was pretty authentic.

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        Thanks! This is the place I was looking for. I guess I was misinformed as to their closing. Called already and got some needed info.

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          Vladimir Estragon

          The Hofbrauhaus in Abbottstown is still there and we always enjoy it. Classic cheesy German decor with beer steins everywhere, and what sounds like my grandmother's German record collection playing all the time. Service is good, but certainly not elegant. I think the bar does much more business than the restaurant. Lots of good German beers on draft and in bottles.

          Entrees are mostly $10 to $20 and include a full dinner, with cheese & crackers, soup, and salad (but no dessert). You start with rolls and crackers with a very nice horseradish cheddar spread. The soup is usually so-so, ranging from what tasted like a doctored-up Knorr mix with cabbage to a pretty decent homemade lentil. The salad is typical iceberg, tomato, and cucumber, but don't miss the terrific creamy house dressing.

          For entrees, the wursts (also available as appetizers) are super, the rollatin is good, and the schnitzel is the best I've ever had anywhere, crispy pan-fried and fork-tender. My wife likes it a la Holstein, with a fried egg and a little anchovy and caviar. I like mine with sauteed onions. I was not crazy about the sauerbraten, which was not very sour and thickened with crushed ginger snaps, not a brown roux like my grandmother's. They also have most of the other usual German specialties, including kassler ripchen (smoked pork chops) and schweineschnitzel (pork cutlet), which we haven't tried yet. You get two sides with the entrees. The dumplings are nothing special and the sauerkraut was overcooked and surprisingly tasteless. The red cabbage is good, though, and the hot potato salad is outstanding, even transcendent.

          The Hofbrauhaus is not the best German food I've ever had, but it's the best I've had since moving to PA. Abbottstown is a nice little city on the way to Gettysburg with lots of antique shops. Well worth the occasional trip from Lancaster.

        2. Yes, Schnitzel's Tavern in Bellefonte is closed due to a fire. The whole building (from the early 1800s burned down. A total bummer. Rumors are they will rebuild- but nothing yet, and it's been over a year.

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            I don't know if I caught it on a bad night but the Hofbrauhaus was horrible when I went. There used to be a little bar right off of the Turnpike exit at Lebanon that burnt down that had the best German food in the area. I'd like to know if anyone finds anything decent in the area.

          2. Try out the Biergarten at the Bavarian Biker Barn in Glen Rock PA. Simply awesome!! The have good authentic german food and a great German Beer selection. here is the link