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Jan 29, 2002 11:27 AM

Tra Vigne advice?

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We have reservations at Tra Vigne for dinner on Valentine's Day. I've never been but have read all the past posts on it. This place seems to be loved or hated by people on this board. Not many in betweens.

Any recommendations on what to order? I know the short ribs have been praised at least twice and they sound delicious. What are the hits and misses?

Also, a question about the dress. Since it's Valentine's, I'd like for us to dress up - me in a dress and him in a jacket and tie. Will we be overdressed? I've noticed that nice restaurants are getting more and more casual and there are very few places to get all dolled up these days.

I'd appreciate hearing any advice that people have out there. Except maybe the ones that tell me I'm wasting my time or money by going to Tra Vigne. :) The reservations are set and we're going!

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  1. This is definitely a place you can dress up for --the times I've been people have generally been dressed nicely, not super-formal but in a special-occasion way. We really enjoyed the budino--a very rich Parmesan custard appetizer. I've heard the crab dishes are very good, esp. a pasta with Dungeness crab. When we were there, everyone was getting the crab "arribiata" (sp?) or "angry" crab--whole, in a spicy sauce. It looked great! I got a whole fish roasted in the wood oven--it was OK, but not really thrilling (it was tai snapper-kind of a boring fish, IMHO). The waiters have a kind of "push the product" patter, but they do know the menu. Enjoy!

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      I agree, dress up, it's a nice place. My wife and I have eaten there many times, we've always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Try the bruschetta for an appetizer along with the house cured prosciutto. I like the hand rolled gnocchi with mussels and Maine lobster, it's served in a sweet corn and lobster broth. They sometimes have a duck or rabbit ravioli, I've had it with acorn squash as well as a pumpkin sauce. There wine list is quite large but a bit pricey, if you have a favorite, bring it along...have a great time!

    2. Tra Vigne is a great spot for a Valentine dinner! I recently went there with my fiance and we had a wonderful time. The ambiance is perfect for dressing up and, in my opinion, the simple elegance of the interior demands it. Our eating experience can be summed up like this: Before Tra Vigne, we'd never eaten crab before. The angry crab in white bean sauce is that good. The wine selection is amazing as is the service. Have a fantastic time! I only wish I had the same plan!