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New Hope / Lambertville Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

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My wife and I will be staying at an Inn in New Hope in June , celebrating our wedding anniversary. I would be very pleased if you Chowhounds would give us advice regarding places to eat lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch in or about New Hope and Lambertville. Romantic atmosphere for dinner spot, BYOB would be a plus. Tastebuds and Marsha Brown's have been suggested for dinner. All thoughts on these and other restaurants welcome.

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  1. The Inn at Phillips Mill in New Hope is romantic and byob. Book far in advance.

    1. There's a great BYO in called Meils in Stockton, NJ - it's straight over the bridge from New Hope. Great big portions of comfort food. We had lunch there (they have outside seating if the weather is nice) when we visited last summer and the food was delicious.

      We also went to dinner Atrio Cafe across the street from Meils and had a romantic time (even with our toddler in tow, lol!).

      Do report back if you try these places. I'm curious to know what you thought!

      Link: http://www.newhopepa.com/meils.htm

      1. Restaurant No.9 and Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville are two great BYOB choices.

        1. Restaurant No.9 and Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville are two great BYOB choices.I especially like the shortribs at No.9.

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            I second your motion for the Hamilton Grill! Very romantic. And while you are at it, have cocktails at the Boat House next door.

          2. Bell's Tavern on North Union Street in Lambertville is GREAT! It's right off the main road. They only serve dinner though. Small place so go early to avoid a long wait (they do not take reservations) or sit at the bar and wait for table to be ready ... you WON'T be disappointed! If you aren't that hungry they will even serve 1/2 orders on many of their dishes.

            I've been there MANY times and continue to go at least once a month!

            Link: http://www.bellstavern.com

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              I am no longer employed in the restaurant industry and tend to not want to give bad press, but I cannot help it in this case. I recently had dinner at Bell's Tavern and wasn't necessarily dissapointed by the food perse, but rather, the seating. My friend and I requested a table for 2 at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. The dining room was empty. The hostess refused to seat us anywhere but in the center of the room. Very uncomfortable! The prices are ok, but they take only cash, so, if it's romance you're looking for, this is NOT the place for you...

            2. Marsha Brown's is lovely, definitely pricey, but everything I have ever had there has been quite enjoyable! Most nights there is also a bartender named Randy who is very friendly and quite schooled in wines, food, cocktails, and the area. It might do you well to stop there and have a cocktail and chat with him on Friday night if you have time. I have also heard wonderful things about Manon in Lambertville if you are looking for something romantic for your anniversary evening. It is a BYOB located on Union St, just north of Bridge St. Very romantic and French.

              1. Donna and I like CenterBridge Inn for special occasions. Ask for Chef River Pete. http://www.centrebridgeinn.com/restau...

                Karla's in New Hope has a nice ala carte Sunday Brunch options. Different Bennies, Omeletes and pancake specialties.

                Login Inn has a nice brunch as well.

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                  You do all realize that this post is THREE years old??? Nonetheless, for lunch or even dinner in New Hope I find Martine's to be very nice.

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                    We used to the old Martines before they moved. Have they made a good move into the new place?

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                      Well, based on my experience a year and a half ago I would say no.


                      It's a lovely setting but unless I hear some VERY good things about Martine's I will not be returning. Too many other good places in New Hope and Lambertville.

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                      Much has changed in three years and much remains the same.
                      --Atrio Cafe is now Villa Ponte, featuring excellent Italian cuisine, reasonably priced.
                      They also make fine pizzas in their custom-built pizza oven
                      --Hamilton's Grill Room remains Lambertville's best choice. Anything prepared on the grill will delight
                      --Lambertville now has two Thai restaurants: Siam, the original and, now, Thai Tida, which has quite a following and makes some inventive (spicy!) dishes

                      We tend not to eat in New Hope, so the only feedback I can give is that The Inn at Phillips Mill remains very good for a "romantic" dinner and, although we go there at least twice a year, there is nothing about the cuisine there that makes the earth move for me. It's really about the atmosphere.

                      All of the above restaurants are BYO, which is a real plus.
                      I noticed that Marsha Brown now has a "recession special," featuring a three-course dinner for two for $69. Cannot comment on the quality, but the place is quite nice, although it gets a bit noisy.
                      Finally, if you have a car, about four miles from Lambertville/New Hope in Buckingham is JustEat by BrownGold, another grille-based restaurant, whose executive chef is a one-time Hamilton's Grille Room chef, but has now developed his own take on grille-based cooking, much of it featuring ingredients from local or regional purveyors.
                      We are regulars and love the food and the warmth of the chef and staff. Also BYO.

                      I am quite certain all of the above restaurants have a web presence for more details about location, menus and prices.

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                        JustEats in Buckingham is just no more. out of business, FYI

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                          I don't think this is correct: I am on their mailing list and received this week's specials by email yesterday. Could you be talking about "Just Food" the take-out gourmet shop in the same mall?

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                      Center Bridge is running a special on lobsters midweek. Forget what the price is but definitely worth the drive.

                    4. I like the old school classic French La Bonne Auberge in New Hope. Lovely but expensive. Food consistently delicious. It's been around since 1972 and my family has celebrated many occasions there and never been disappointed.

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                        On December 10th, the Philadelphia Inquirer announced that La Bonne Auberge of New Hope, PA was closing on December 12th after 38 years. I only ate there a couple of times but I recall that the food, service, and ambiance were excellent. They were a great place for a special occasion. They will be missed.

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                          Need a restaurant for lunch for a busload of 50 sophisticated seniors from NYC who are used to good food, ambience and on a somewhat limited budget .
                          This would be before attending the Bucks County playhouse at 2pm in New Hope
                          My friend remembers the Black Bass Inn from before the renovation but I am seeing so many mixed reviews Has anyone had lunch there lately? or could recommend a similarly attractive spot with GOOD food thinking max for lunch should be $25 with tax and tip no alcohol.