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Apr 13, 2006 10:22 AM

New Hope / Lambertville Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

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My wife and I will be staying at an Inn in New Hope in June , celebrating our wedding anniversary. I would be very pleased if you Chowhounds would give us advice regarding places to eat lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch in or about New Hope and Lambertville. Romantic atmosphere for dinner spot, BYOB would be a plus. Tastebuds and Marsha Brown's have been suggested for dinner. All thoughts on these and other restaurants welcome.

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  1. The Inn at Phillips Mill in New Hope is romantic and byob. Book far in advance.

    1. There's a great BYO in called Meils in Stockton, NJ - it's straight over the bridge from New Hope. Great big portions of comfort food. We had lunch there (they have outside seating if the weather is nice) when we visited last summer and the food was delicious.

      We also went to dinner Atrio Cafe across the street from Meils and had a romantic time (even with our toddler in tow, lol!).

      Do report back if you try these places. I'm curious to know what you thought!


      1. Restaurant No.9 and Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville are two great BYOB choices.

        1. Restaurant No.9 and Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville are two great BYOB choices.I especially like the shortribs at No.9.

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            I second your motion for the Hamilton Grill! Very romantic. And while you are at it, have cocktails at the Boat House next door.

          2. Bell's Tavern on North Union Street in Lambertville is GREAT! It's right off the main road. They only serve dinner though. Small place so go early to avoid a long wait (they do not take reservations) or sit at the bar and wait for table to be ready ... you WON'T be disappointed! If you aren't that hungry they will even serve 1/2 orders on many of their dishes.

            I've been there MANY times and continue to go at least once a month!


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              I am no longer employed in the restaurant industry and tend to not want to give bad press, but I cannot help it in this case. I recently had dinner at Bell's Tavern and wasn't necessarily dissapointed by the food perse, but rather, the seating. My friend and I requested a table for 2 at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. The dining room was empty. The hostess refused to seat us anywhere but in the center of the room. Very uncomfortable! The prices are ok, but they take only cash, so, if it's romance you're looking for, this is NOT the place for you...