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lobster roll

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Where can I get a lobster roll in philadelphia

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  1. They sell them at Grace Tavern at 23rd and South, and they're pretty good, but not "coast of Maine in the summertime" great. Might satisfy a craving.

    1. I think Philadelphia Fish might serve them as part of the bar menu.

      1. Washington Square has/had one on the menu.

        Philadelphia Fish and Sansom St. Oysters are both likely candidates as well.

        1. Philadelphia FIsh & Co. closed about 2 weeks ago. It was replaced by some Mexican BBQ place. Over the past year the lobster roll had gone from the city's best, to a disgusting glob of mayonnaise with a few pieces of lobster roll in it. In other words, good riddance to its closing.
          The Sansom St. Oyster House has been closed for about 6 months now. It is supposed to reopen in the spring, but will it? Who knows.

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            I have seen the menu for Sansom st. and it will have a Lobster roll, opening is third week of May.

          2. Glenmorgan at the Radnor Hotel has great lobster rolls and sweet potato fries.

            1. Legal Seafood in KOP has amazing -- and amazingly expensive -- lobster rolls.

              1. The cafe at XIX at the Park Hyatt has a lobster club...

                1. i'd say make your own.
                  lobster / mayo / hot dog rolls

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                    Well, I"ve done that, and they are not the same. This is a good question: lobster roll that meets Maine standards are not easy to find. To me the idea of a lobster club is bizarre--burying lobster in all that bread! The mayo binding, influenced by the lobster is what give it charm. And, hot dog rolls are not the gold standard either--even though Howard Johnsons of yore used to toast angular shaped hot dog rolls that were wonderful.

                  2. Though it's not exactly a lobster roll, I had a tasty "lobster BLT" at N. 3rd recently. It was a slice of toasted brioche, lobster salad, tomato, micro greens and 2 slices of bacon on top. It was a bit pricey for an appetizer portion, but I really enjoyed it.

                    1. There used to be a seafood restaurant just west of Ritenhouse Square. on South 20th Street. I think it is still there but I don't remember the name. They had a good lobster roll. Last time I was at Legal Seafods at KOP they only serve the lobster roll at lunch which is annoying since I was there in the evening. When we want lobster rolls we go to Wegmans, get their lobster salad, buy some top sliced hot dog rolls, butter and toast them and make our own.