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Apr 5, 2006 05:43 PM


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does anyone out their have any recommendations for the mt. airy/germantown/chestnut hill area. i'm talking about your sure bets, things you have a regular craving for, food you'll go out of your way for, food you think about when your full, thanks.

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  1. Anything from----The Night Kitchen, Rollers, Mc'Nally's
    Cake, The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, Women's Exchange,
    Top of the Hill Market,and nothing else!

    1. Cafette! Especially as it gets warm and you can sit outside.

      1. On chilly fall and winter days, croissant sandwiches and soups at the French Bakery.

        1. Go to McNally's, have a Schmitter and a beer, and you'll die happy.

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          1. re: Ron

            I second that! Eating Schmitters for thirty years and still kicking.

          2. I'm new to the Chestnut Hill area and desperate for good food. Where is this McNally's you speak of? :) Thanks.

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            1. re: lagreen

              It's on Germantown Ave across the street from Borders. Look for a green door b/c there is no signage to speak of (I think there is a tiny sign on the door).

              As for additional food options in the area; McMenemin's (Mt Airy). I ate there for the first time on Sat. night and had an excellent plate of fish and chips. Rollers (Chestnut Hill), Cafette (CH - great outdoor dining area BTW).