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Jan 28, 2002 04:50 PM

the new thai noodle joint on Haight and Masonic

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Since this board is about posting any and all delicious things found in and around the bay area i would like to take a moment to express my happiness at having a good thai noodle soup joint in my neighborhood. The last 2 weekends in a row i have found myself starving, broke, freezing and with an empty larder. So SAD! so both times i have found myself wandering around the corner and up to the corner of Haight and Masonic hoping to find something to make me warm and sated. and both times i have turned to the new Thai Noodle place, which, even though it looks REMARKABLY alot like the King of Thai Noodle restaurants on Clement street, i do not think they are affiliated. the name is slightly different and so is the menu. My favorite part, the soups are GREAT. delicious broth, prefectly prepeared noodles, brimming with tons of veggies and the table is set with about 20 different condiments to anoint your delicioius bowl of steamy goodness! Oh my, never have i been so pleased and warmed with less than 7 dollars in my pocket. The bowl is large, but not overwhelming, the broth is clear (as i believe broth should be) and not oily. The noodles are prepped correctly so that they do not lump together in the bottom of your bowl making it impossible to slurp up with chopsticks and spoons. The vegetables are crisp and fresh and not added to early so that they turn to soggy crap. they will give you lime, they will give you chopped peanut, they will give you what ever you want and it will all be good. I am so happy to have something else in my hood besides bagels and homefries and bad hamburgers and even worse crepes.
Thank you Thai noodle house...i will see you next saturday i am sure.

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  1. mmmm--steamy noodles! sounds great! do you have specific name/address? thanks! And if you're down in the Tenderloin, check out the noodle soups at Them Ky, on 700 block of Ellis, I think. Very tasty and cheap!


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      It's called Best of Thai Noodle, it was briefly a franchise of the King of Thai empire, but that quickly fizzled. They've switched up the menu a bit, but the best of the best (and the best of the king) is the #15 flat noodle dish.

    2. I don't know the name of the noodle place Jupiter references -- it used to be a branch of King of Thai Noodle (one of about 5 in the city, I believe), but for some oddball reason they changed the name. It may be Best of Thai Noodle. It's not terribly authentic and it's a bit meat-heavy but I care not when I order and dig into a big bowl of noodles. MMM!

      Now, since it seems you're not snotty about needing authentic noodles you may want to try Citrus Club at Haight/Stanyan. The food is fusion-Pan Asian-noodles and it's utterly yummy. I particularly recommend the BBQ tofu with greens soup. In the same 'hood, Bankok Thai at Waller/Stanyan is fairly good -- the standout dish is spinach with oyster sauce. Order it and you'll never be sorry.

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      1. re: Pointybird

        Sounds like the Citrus Club has improved significantly in the last 2-3 years. I remember going there twice a couple of years ago and both times was bummed out by utterly mushy noodles and rather so-so food.

        1. re: Limster

          Of course, it all depends on your taste. I wouldn't match Citrus Club's best against Tu Lan's worst dish. ;) But for $6 it's a good deal for those in the 'hood. Not a destination-type place. But my GOD it beats out that horrid second-floor Thai place and the icky-poo burritos at El Balazo any old day. I haven't found the noodles to be mushy, but then, I still love Campbell's chicken noodle so I'm no judge. If I want wonderful noodles I hie myself to Sapporo-Ya in Japantown, personally.

          1. re: Limster

            Actually, it has. The gumminess of which you speak scared me off anything there besides the innocuous edamame and (quite good) house-made wasabi peas for quite some time. But on a recent rainy day, I tried out a noodle dish which can compete with Best of Thai any day. Now I'm a fan!

            1. re: Juniper

              Cool - It's nearby and I'll probably wander off to try it again soon. Thanks for the lead!

          2. re: Pointybird

            bangkok 900 is actually at frederick and stanyan. we always get the bangkok bay salad, a medley of fish, shellfish and calamari that's bright and delicious.

            and i agree with limster about the citrus club. we gave up on it after about 3 really gluey, tasteless meals there. we really wanted to like it, but it just kept failing to please.

            1. re: Pointybird

              I stopped by citrus club tonight and was glad to find that the mushy gumminess is indeed a thing of the past. Got a stir-fried Shanghai Beef Noodle (and I promised myself not to quibble with the name here, even though I nitpicked over the one at Shanghai Taste Delight -- *grin*).

              Said noodles were generous and the ingredients (bak choy, beef slices, nicely and lightly browned tofu strips and fairly plump shiitakes) are good. On the negative side, the dish is overly sweet and the cloves and star anise that flavor the mushrooms proves to be excessive when it's normally a spice that shouts for restraint.

              At $5.75, the said noodles cost about 20-30% percent more than their less cosmetic but more culturally "correct" brethren in the Sunset (Low End Theory and I have debated over what this is worth sporadically over the years). What the extra ducats buy: pleasant, helpful service with a smile, and a shinier environment. As pointybird points out, "it all depends on your taste."