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Jan 28, 2002 04:09 PM

Petite friture in the Bay Area?

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Where can one get good "friture" locally, or fried lightly breaded smelt (and sometimes with other small seafood)? I've had a good plate of the cantonese version at the East Ocean in Emeryville for dim sum recently, a pleasant surprise (didn't realize it was adim sum item).

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  1. Kokkari, they serve a gigantic plate of whole fried smelts with lemon halves and fried rosemary and it is delicious and you will need help to eat the whole thing and they are the best thing on the menu.
    Kokkari is at Front and Jackson.

    1. I was in Duarte's Tavern yesterday and saw they still had smelt in the case. Lightly floured fried smelt is one of the house specialties. I had lunch there a year ago and split an order with my bro. The abalone sandwich is absolutely delicious and almost worth the $20 tariff.


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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I managed to go there and not have this dish, or their famous artichoke soup (well, it was breakfast time after all...)

        I'll remember that next time in Pescadero, I'm quite tempted to do the musseling expedition after reading your exploits...

        1. re: garçon

          Ah, but at breakfast you can have an orgy of Duarte's wonderful preserves!

          My pal Peter wasn't exactly happy that I'd revealed "his" musseling spot here. I got a little nervous when I saw the parking lot at Pescadero beach was full yesterday, but we were the only ones collecting mussels. Still untouched. Remember you can buy a fishing license at Duarte's.

      2. It's not Chinese, but you can try Kokkari (Greek). Also, up in Napa Valley, Tra Vigne (Italian) sometimes serves fried smelt as the daily frito misto.