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Sushi in or near King of Prussia?

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I'm relatively new to sushi so I don't know where to go to get it. Anyone know any good places for sushi for dinner in or near King of Prussia? Ideally, the restaurant would also have non-sushi entrees for my husband (he'll eat japanese, just not sushi). We're looking for a good place to go with friends.

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  1. Don't be alarmed by it being in the mall...but Blue Pacific is good. Has good non sushi entrees.

    I don't really like the regular rolls, but their specialty rolls are to die for, esp. the one with tempura shrimp, avacado, roe and tuna...yum!

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      I know it is one of those silly knife juggling "cook in front of you" places but the Kobe Steak House in the Hilton actually has really good Sushi as well as japanese steak/seafood (read cooked) items.

      It ain't cheap but I have enjoyed it when we went as part of an office party.

    2. I would recommend Hana In Wayne. They serve regular (non-sushi) dishes, and I think that they are the best japanese restaurant in a 10 mile radius. They have a website, I'm attaching the link.


      Link: http://www.hanawayne.com/

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        I second that... Hana is the real deal - Japanese owned and run. Prices are low, it is BYO, and the sushi is top-notch.

      2. We liked Kabuki a lot when we lived in KOP. It's right off of 202, just north of the mall on the West side of the street.

        1. Try August Moon in Norristown on Main St. They serve Japanese and Korean and have Korean barbeque tables with the grill and the downdraft vents. If you're still hungry, then go across the street to the taqueria for south of the border fill-ups.

          1. Kabuki & Blue Pacific are the best I've found in KOP. Had great sushi at Bluefin in Plymouth Meeting, but a bit further.

            1. I took the recommendations below for Kabuki and was EXTREMELY disappointed. Their answer to "unique" rolls is to simply drown things in tempura flakes or fry them. I haven't checked out other options in the area, as I'm here on business, but I find it hard to believe the other options could be any worse.

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                Actually, Kabuki changed hands since this thread originated, so unfortunately it was old advice. I have not been since it was taken over (but the name stayed). However, I actually stopped going since I wrote that due to rude service with the old owners anyway.

                And I have not been to Blue Fin recently, but I thought I heard that it's not as good anymore- can anyone verify? oh, just saw what mitch wrote below!

                It's pretty decent and basic at Hana (but not right in the KOP area) I've been heading into the city lately for my sushi fix.

                oh, just remembered, had really good sushi at Spamps in Conshohocken (not a Japanese restaurant, but they have a sushi chef!)

              2. Take the ride to Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting, its by the far the best sushi in the area

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                  15 minutes up 422 in Collegevile is Bon Jung, which is where I spend my sushi dollars these days.

                  I will disagree with productionjon in that Blue Fin is a shadow of what it used to be. IMO the food is now mediocre and the service is dreadful (not that the service was good to begin with).

                2. Augustmoon cafe on main st in norristown great food. they have fresh sushi as well as koren bbq its good as well as fun.

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                    10 minutes from King of Prussia in Villanova is a little known gem called Samurai.
                    Very popular with the locals.

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                      I'd recommend August Moon too. We've been going there for years and never had a bad meal. The sushi is great and the Korean BBQ is great fun for everyone, especially the non-sushi eaters.

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                        August Moon on Main Street in Norristown - excellent! Or Stonewell at 415 Ridge Pike, Conshohocken (actually the same street - different name, and on the same side, but a few miles east of A.M.)

                    2. Try YOKOHAMA Japanese Restaurant, 10 Marchwood Rd, MARCHWOOD SHOPPING CENTER, EXTON, PA 19341, (610) 524-8110 just off route 100. A little drive, its BYOB. The chef is very friendly. They offer options for people that would rather a cooked entree. Please be fair...avoid asking the chef to make "his choice or favorite" at the end of the night, as he is trying to clean up. It annoys the heck out of him!!
                      Although I was opposed to the suggestion of BLUE PACIFIC in the “Plaza” we were nicely surprised with the quality. The waitress disappeared on us without warning, so the sushi chef had the owner get our drink refills. The bill for 4 People with tips & drinks was about $75.00 per person. We were had soup, a very nice boat with about 65 pieces of assorted sashimi, sushi, & rolls, several other individual exotic rolls, shared Saki, and a few people had beers. We were definitely full after this meal.
                      Originally I made reservations to visit Kabuki in King of Prussia but one of our group heard NEGATIVES from another sushi lover. I am glad we tried the mall’s former Jade Garden!