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Mar 15, 2006 02:48 PM

Chinese Markets in Chester County

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Can anyone recommend a Chinese Market in fairly close proximity to Phoenixville?? TIA!

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  1. Forget it! Bite the bullet and go with a big shopping list to a) HK Supermarket at Adams and Rising Sun Aves in near NE Philly- 25 min from King of Prussia. b) South Philly - 11th and Washington or 6th and Washington or c) Chinatown. There are Korean markets at 69th Street and at Old York Rd and Cheltenham Ave in Cheltenham (This one is a little far from P'ville). In downtown Narberth thaere is a Japanese store with lots of packaged goods.

    Really, just go to HK or S.Philly and make a day of it. And... eat a Vietnamese lunch while you're there.

    Have fun.

    1. I agree with Ed -- but there is a decent Korean market in Blue Bell -- on Township Line and 202. VERY CHEAP and good stuff.

      There is also a small chinese market in Conshohocken, on fayette street near butler pike, although I cannot say I have been there in about 3 years.

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        Thanks so much, Danielle and Ed. you agree with Ed that we should just make the trek to NE Philly or do you think I'd find just as many goodies at the Korean place in Blue Bell? Thanks again. I'm so glad people responded to this post:)

        1. re: EMZ

          I'm sorry -- I've never been to the place in the northeast, i'm not sure how they compare. The place in blue bell is decent size -- supposedly there is also another place called Assi in North Wales which is rather large -- but that is also Korean, not Chinese. Unfortunately I've not been up there either, but maybe someone else has. I've attached a link where someone does a review of Assi.

          The place in Blue Bell is about the size of a Large Wawa.


          1. re: DanielleM

            Heartily recommend Assi. It is supermarket size. I have found stuff, particularly produce that I can't find outside of New York.

            Small food court as well with some great Udon.

          2. re: EMZ

            Hi EMZ,
            Hopeflly you're still checking this thread.

            HK Supermarket in the NE is a full size, full service Chinese/SE Asian supermarket. It has a BBQ department with char siu, roast pork, roast ducks, soy sauce chicen, sometmes giant cuttlefish, etc.

            The odorless fish dept has a great selection of fresh fish and seafood and tanks of tilapia, bass, crab, loster, eel, etc. Cleaner and nicer than the Chinese markets in S.Philly too.

            Large selection of produce and a wall of wet market goods - tofu, boiled bamboo, pickled stuff, straw mushrooms, etc. Also a large array of dried stuff - 'shrooms, fish, recognizable and other veggies.

            In any case, it is really worth the trip if you like to cook Chinese. You can tell that I'm really quite a fan of the place and I take the trek from Villanova every month or so to stock up and/or shop for a dinner party.

            Regarding Korean markets, I find them quite lacking for Chinese foodstuffs; they only carry the cross-over goods. They do however,usually have a good selection of Japanesse products and fish. My best Korean market experiences have been at Hana Rheum in Elkins Park and in Cherry Hill. Assi looked good in the review whose link was posted earlier.

            I'm getting hungry....

            1. re: Ed

              Thanks, Ed!
              While at the playground with my daughter on Friday I met a Chinese woman and her daughter. I figured who better to ask where I can find a local Chinese market! She said there's one off of Rt 29 but couldn't remember the exact location and then told me about HK - said she goes there every other week to stock up and it's worth the trip.
              Do you remember where Assi is located? That sounds interested too. Thanks again:)

              1. re: EMZ

                Assi is located in North Wales. That's sort of in the vicinity of Lansdale. I've copied the link from Danielle M for the Assi review.

                Please post when you find out about the market on Rt 29. In what town do you suppose? (Bridgeport?,KofP?, Phoenixville?



                1. re: Ed

                  I was only talking to the Chinese woman in passing regarding the Chinese market on 29 so there's a chance we'll never meet again. I'd also love to know where it is. She thought it was Malvern (she said she has trouble remembering the towns) and that it's near a driving test place.

                  While I'm here, do you have any favorite Chinese (authentic, of course!) cookbooks to recommend, Ed?And thanks for re-posting the link for Assi:)

                  1. re: EMZ

                    Hi EMZ,

                    Hopefully we'll find the place on Rt 29.

                    For cookbooks, here are some of my favorites:
                    - The Key to Chinese Cooking, Irene Kuo. Great info on ingredients and techniques. Includes stir frying, red cooking, velveting, and more. Not too spicy but you can always change that yourself.
                    -Chinese Regional Cooking, De-Ta Hsiung. A good variety of regional dishes and some nice pictures.
                    -Chinese Cuisine, Recipes and Their Stories. Includes famous recipes and how the stories behind them, Ma Po Tofu and many others.
                    -Also, there are many websites on Chinese and SE Asian cooking, most of wich originate in Asia.

                    Have fun!

                    1. re: Ed

                      Thanks for the suggestions, Ed!
                      I'll check to see if I can score those books at my library.
                      And, I'm going to do some sleuthing to find that place on rt 29:)

                      1. re: EMZ

                        I've got more in the Chinese, SE Asian and S Asian categories. Irene Kuo is best as a reference book. The other two are ones that I have been consulting lately. Next month I'll probably be nosing into others in the collection or surfing online based on what's in the fridge.

                        1. re: Ed

                          Please move to the Home Cooking with any further discussion of Chinese cooking/Cookbooks. You'll find lots of hounds there interested in the topic, and it helps us keep this board narrowly focused on finding great chow in Pennsylvania. Thanks!


                2. re: EMZ

                  It's not actually on Rt. 29 but just west of it on Rt. 30 at the intersection of 401. The shopping center has the Himalayan restaurant and an Indian market at the back right corner along a hallway. The Chinese market is further back and callked Gong's, it's on both side of the hallway. We were able to get the ingredients we needed for making sushi.