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Feb 23, 2006 01:44 PM

Kennett Square Mexican

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I've been to Moroleon, which was okay but not great. I've heard there's another Mexican place in or near town that's in an old diner- does anyone know this place?

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  1. Probably El Sombrero on Route 41 in Avondale. Very authentic but not very tasty the last time we went there.

    1. To each his own I would say. I just happened to visit El Sombrero for the first time on Sunday for a quick bite before a round of golf. It reminded me of the way Michoacana in Norristown used to be before they renovated and got popular with the Main Liners. I had three different tacos Sunday and they were absolutely first-rate if you want something unlike Taco Bell or some other chain place serves. I tried the beef, al pastor (marinated pork), and pollo (chicken). Unbelievably good and relatively cheap ($1.75 a piece). Note that they are currently renovating and there is not lots of tables available to dine in. In fact, we were instructed Sunday that it was take-out only.

      1. I'm not wild about Moroleon either and can never really understand the hype. I had a better Mexican meal at another place on W. State Street, which unfortunately I cannot remember the name's in a small strip mall on the north side of the road as you're heading west out of town, well before you get to Moroleon. We had lunch there before hitting Longwood, and after several hours of walking around, just barely managed to find enough space in our stomachs to go to the Mexican ice cream place afterwards. Man, that ice cream is good!

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          Is that "small strip mall" where the old Rubenstein's used to be? I never go into that area since Rubenstein's moved to their present location. But I can't recall seeing any signage for a Mexican restaurant in there.

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            Sorry, I have no idea. I live in Wilmington and don't get to Kennett very often.

        2. The Kennett Website may be of help although I am not sure if it lists the one in question:

          1. maybe, EL RANCHERO on w.state street?