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This place in Philly looks cool. Any comments? Are prices astronomical?

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  1. It's Old Reliable, as far as I'm concerned. Remains pretty much the same restaurant as it was when it opened, but still one of my favorites -- a museum of turn-of-this-century pan-Asian cuisine. The lobster fried rice is addictive.

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      "It's Old Reliable, as far as I'm concerned"


      Reliably Uncreative
      Reliably Overhyped
      Reliably Poor Attitude

      And not to forget...

      Reliably $$$$$

      1. I love Buddakan. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city- I have never had a bad meal.

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            We live in NY. We've only eaten there once and we were underwhelmed.
            'Nuff sed.

          2. I love Buddakan- one of my favorites in Philly!

            1. Here's the deal: it's more like The Museum of Pan-Asian Cooking, c. 1999 than it is a contemporary, living and changing restaurant, but they do what they do well.

              1. tis very good food, but very expensive. they do everything well, from the two awesome salads (calamari and asian caesar) to the appetizers to the mains. my favorite main is the wu-xi-esque braised short ribs. it is perfect. they also do very good desserts, the sorbet trio is perfect if you aren't needing too much sweet (chocolate, raspberry and lychee last time i went on january).

                i don't think that they necessarily qualify as uncreative and i have always had nice service. they have had the same menu for a while now, but if nobody is clammoring for them to change it, go figure why they haven't fixed something that ain't broke.

                1. the owners has 16 restaurants, this is his newest... major article and decent review in this month's NJ Monthly, FYI.

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                    huh? as others have noted, Buddakan is about eight years old.

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                      maybe this poster is referring to the ny buddakan? the philadelphia buddakan is one of starr's older places.

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                        referring to the buddakan in AC, sorry for any confusion

                    2. There's a reason Buddakan is 8 years old and still hard to get into before 10:30, and that "Old Reliable" name isn't a bad thing. It's always good and always "happening." I live in LA now, but my family goes about every other time I'm home- so a few times a year. Best bets are always: calamari salad, tuna pizza, fried shrimp, salmon with cream cheese sushi and green beans, cod, and more...and dessert is always a treat too.

                      1. Buddakan's a beautiful place, service is great in my experience...and it's not cheap. The food is not bad overall, but there is better to be had for your buck. I wouldn't have a big problem returning if out-of-town guests requested it, but as a local, it's not a place I'm particularly drawn to.