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Jan 26, 2002 12:42 AM

Update on Noe Valley's Le Zinc

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Went to Le Zinc tonight on 24th Street between Noe and Castro for dinner. I'd read the previous posts on it and was curious. Had also read in The Scoop when it first opened that the owners had run a bistro in Paris.

The atmosphere was quite Paris-bistro authentic to us, but yes, it's noisy (but tell me a restaurant in SF that isn't!). We didn't see any indication of a prix fixe menu so maybe they've stopped doing that. We both had the parsnip soup (delicious) for an appetizer and the beef bourguignon for entrees (also good). The portion was huge (maybe another change for the better); I was stuffed and could only muster a cappuccino for dessert.

We liked the fact that you could order a carafe of wine instead of a bottle. With a kir each for cocktails, and a carafe of Chinon, plus the aforementioned dishes and coffee, the bill came to about $100. Yes, not cheap, but a pleasant evening in a nice neighborhood.


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    The Brandist

    I agree -- it's very good and feels very real. Not kitschy-pretending-to-be-Paris real (Absinthe anyone?) but you're-actually-there real.

    The food, especially. Fancy neighborhood French. No NorCal cliches here. (Goat cheez and beets anyone?) It feels very exotic and fabulous to order beef bourgignon and even more so to eat it. So fabulous that by the end of the evening my partner and I were calling the 'hood "La Rue Vingt-Quatre."