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Feb 8, 2006 09:48 AM

Good butcher shop?

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Is there any old fashioned butcher shops around anymore, where I can actually go in and possibly forge some sort of relationship with the butcher? A place where I know the meat is very fresh? It seems as if this is a disappearing thing.

Also, are there any shops where I can get organic meats?

I am hoping there is a place in the city...

Thank you.

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  1. Have you tried Reading Terminal Market?

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    1. re: bucksbarb

      Lombardi's Prime Meats, 18th and Packer Ave.

    2. Have you tried Esposito's on 9th Street?

      Cannuli's for pork at 17th & Ritner

      1. to me, it's a real no brainer. harry ochs, reading terminal market. personal service, great quality, nice folks!

        1. Lombardi's Prime Meats on Packer Avenue...Best butchers in the city

          1. For your organic and humane-raised meats, try Giunta's in the RTM.

            Sonny D'Angelo's in the Italian Market is hit or miss, but when he's hit, good stuff.

            I've been to Lombardi's before (only once), but they're great. I called ahead to see if I could get some marrow bones. When I got there, they gave them to me gratis.

            Cannuli's @ 17th and Ritner? Any relation to the two Cannuli's on 9th St (house of pork and house of poultry)? I go to them for pork often.

            For cheap hanger steak, Esposito's has a great deal, but you have to buy in bulk (~10 lbs).

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              Do you have space for a chest freezer? they are cheap at Box stores like Sam's Club...Like a hundred dollars.

              I buy my beef at Windy Springs farm, or another local farm in Bucks County (all free range, all grass fed, which means it's high in omega 3) and get it butchered at either Barringer Bros or Harrings or Herrings Bros. Either one of those shops is exceptional, uses local farms, always fresh, etc. If you google the name, or even search here, I've seen the name mentioned before.

              A forty minute drive isn't so bad if you only do it once every year or so fo your meat! :) Both places have stands at farmers markets as well, I believe. (saucon valley?) When I get a quarter cow, I pay under $3 a lb hanging weight including cutting fee and get hundreds of lbs of meat...We got our last cow two years ago and we're still eating it. You pick it up already frozen.

              I think I'm overly excited about beef....