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Feb 4, 2006 01:30 PM

Jim Thorpe PA

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Looking for a great restaurant for a special evening. We will be in Jim Thorpe PA but will drive 30 or 40 minutes from there for a great meal. Any ideas? It will be next Friday evening.

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  1. As long as you are willing to travel would recommend The Powerhouse Eatery (White Haven, PA). It is one exit north on the PA Turnpike (I-476) from Jim Thorpe and about 4 miles west on I-80 after you get off the Turnpike. Great food, prices & atmosphere, usually a game selection or two (ostrich most likely) but plenty of other items to choose from.

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      BlackBread Cafe, hands down. Right in Jim Thorpe.

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        One nice option is Macaluso's, about three miles west of Jim Thorpe on Rt 209. Beautiful and spacious room with excellent food and good service. Good cocktails and a nice if limited wine list. It's easily one of the best restaurants in the area.

      2. Sorry I missed this, but I have a weekend place in Jim Thorpe and one place I enjoy is the Black Bread Cafe, owned by a man who fled Long Island for the mountains of PA...great food, nice atmosphere.


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          We had a terrible experience there one Saturday - we had taken an excursion train up and were looking for a place for lunch - I had heard about BBC on this board, so we went right there, It was noon, and the sign said they opened at 1, so we walked around for 50 minutes, and returned (with a now very hungry 3 and 8 year old) to find that not only had they been open for some time, since 12, now they were full! We explained this to the "host", who became very snarky to the point of rudeness, refusing to even acknowledge that the sign said 1 o'clock, let alone offer any effort to try and seat us, or give us any prospect of eating there any time soon. As far as I'm concerned, "fine dining" means more than just the food (which obviously we will never experience), and they ain't living it.

        2. I would stop by Moya. It's a new place, but it is amazing. The front of the house is still ironing out some VERY SMALL wrinkles, but the kitchen is spot on. We have eaten there twice. Each time, the service was a little better (though it was far better than fine on both ocassions), and the food was stellar. I recommend this place for good food prepared with fresh ingredients and obvious experience. Also, the art here is really something to look at. Many of the paintings that hang from the walls at Moya are done by the hostess. Upon asking, the hostess told us that she and the Chef are husband and wife and owners of the restaurant. I've been around chowhounds, and I know how anxious you are for a good straight-forward meal prepared properly with fresh ingredients. Moya will not disappoint. We were very surprised to find such food in a small place like Jim Thorpe, which by the way is a beautiful town that everyone should see at least once.

          1. There is a new restaurant in JT, since this summer, called Moya, on Race Street, just down the street from the Black Bread Cafe. This is a wonderful BYOB; food is wonderfully prepared, elegant food, without the stuffiness one would expect when using the word elegant. Chef and his wife and young daughter migrated from NYC and built the place themselves! Servers very pleasant; dessert is divine. Check out the website...this place will NOT disappoint you.

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              I would suggest Moya also. We were there about 3 weeks ago and it was wonderful. The food was very good and the owners/staff were very nice.

            2. Black Bread Cafe is usually a fine meal, the best you'll find in Jim Thorpe

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                Been to Black Bread few times already, really liked it for ambience and food pretty good. Service had never been impeccable but this last time was BEYOND HORRIFIC. Made reservations months in advance for my Birthday but when we got there, were told we couldn't get drinks at bar upstairs bc of private party. So we sat downstairs. It took 20 minutes for drinks, the wait staff didn't have a clue, then for dinner, it took 2 HOURS for us to finally get our food, when it wasn't even busy anymore! The place was EMPTY. But still the wait staff were walking in slow motion and lying to us about how busy they were, but did they think we were blind? When I said I had just been upstairs to go to the bathroom and said that there are only 5 people sitting at the bar up there, and the waiter right away said, Oh, yeah, it's dead. ?!?!?!??!! It took them about 45 minutes to even get our wine. Then they were out of what we ordered, and we went back and forth over a few bottles like this until we blindly picked out one that they had in stock. And even THEN they got the order wrong! Then they lost our dinner order. Then after they re-took it, they had only put in 3 entrees instead of 4. It was a NIGHTMARE. And on my Birthday, no less. The owners were there that night and NOT ONCE did they come over to apologize and see what they could do, etc. NOT ONCE. Completely unfortunate, in that they just turned away people who had been not only repeat customers, but I always told my friends and colleagues about this place and had given Black Bread even more business in the past b/c of my word of mouth. NOT ANYMORE!!! This is NOT how you run a business. The way I see it, they need to start hiring waiters who know what they are doing and higher MORE of them, especially when you are having an additional party in the restaurant. And, oh, yeah, ORDER MORE WINE when you know you're having a 50 top come in that night. THere were so many other things that went wrong, as well, but these were the big ones.

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                  Next birthday, try MOYA, a BYOB, right down the street from Black Bread. Friendly, professional service and wonderful food prepared by the owner who obviously, really cares, as does his wife, who is the hostess and artist of the work in the restaurant.