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Any suggestions in West Chester for weekend dinner? Price doesn't matter, just looking for good food in a nice atmosphere. thanks.

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  1. 3 Great WC Restaurants:

    Avalon: Byob, bistro/contintental cuisine
    Turks Head: innovative cuisine, cool place, full bar
    Mimosa: outside of town, but really creative, ever-changning food, BYOB

    People rave about Gilmore's but I think its one of the most overrated places in the area.

    Link: http://mainlinedine.com

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      I think Gilmore's gives us lots to rave about, not overrated at all. It's a gem of a restaurant and those of us in the WC area are lucky to be able to enjoy such a fine dining experience without having to travel to Philly or even the Main Line.

    2. Our usual suspects in West Chester: High Street Caffe for cajun/creole food. Crawdaddy's for same on Rt.3 east of town. Iron Hill Brewpub.

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        With the High Street Caffe in town, I don't see a need to go to Crawdaddy's again. Iron Hill... not one of my favorite spots, although their beer is quite good (but not nearly as good as Victory Brewing Co. in Downingtown).

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          High Street Caffe is also one of our favorites but we kind of view that as the upscalish place, Crawdaddy's as more casual, then the Gumbo Shoppe just for a fast needed Cajun fix. We like 'em all. We spend way too much time at Victory, probably our all time favorite place of that ilk. Chili fest on Sunday was hugely crowded but loads of fun.

      2. Turk's Head has closed. I'd like to add a vote in favor of Gilmore's. I enjoy it and it is pretty modest in price for the quality, which is why I don't call it overrated.

        On the low end of the price scale, I am very fond of India Gardens in the Gay St. mall. Really decent Indian, not much atmosphere. Whenever they bring me the bill, I always think they've made a big mistake, on the low side.

        Consider Fiorello's, between Market and Gay, where both merge into Rte. 3 / Paoli Pike on the east side of town. Not been myself, bu heard good things from colleagues. Seems like the old-fashioned, full bar, Italian restaurant of the 70's, 80's. Somewhat pricey.


        1. Sadly, Turks Head closed last month. Seems that the owner chose to profit on the sale of his property (pretty much the entire block there).

          But, I discovered a new find on the WC dining scene last week: Limoncello on N. Walnut St., between Market and Gay. It's small, BYO, and a "high-energy" atmosphere. They opened in December, and have already attracted quite a following. The food is nicely prepared and presented, and the prices are very reasonable. The menu is southern Italian. There's an open kitchen and they seemed to be doing quite a business with wood-oven pizza, too. We shared two appetizers -- a large antipasto, which could have been a meal in itself, and an order of baked clams (sopped up the deliciously garlicky pan juices with less-than-memorable bread) -- and we should have stopped there. Our entrees were ample and delicious as well. After dinner, guests are treated to a glass of limoncello, compliments of the house.

          They don't take reservations, and, as I said, the place is small. One of the problems is that people waiting for tables have nowhere to really wait, and may find themselves bumping into guests who are seated at their tables. We arrived at about 6:30 on a Friday evening, and were seated pretty quickly, but there were folks standing, waiting for tables throughout the 2 hours we were there. I'll definitely return. Limoncello meets my definition of "neighborhood Italian" and BYO gives it lots of points in my book. Considering that Fiorello's is overpriced and their food isn't anything special, Limoncello will be my new go-to Italian in WC.

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            I know that this is a reply to an old post, but.....

            Limoncello will be expanding. They are closing for @ 2 weeks at the end of August & will be breaking through the wall to the place next door. It will more than double their space. I have also heard that they will be getting a liquor lisence. The plan (I think) will to retain the restaurant as a byob on weekdays, with the bar open on weekends.

          2. Tecca is a great resturant too! One of my favs in town

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              I second the vote for Teca, even if it is a bit pricey. Great wines by the glass, and a nice selection of small plates.

            2. We've been to Crawdaddy's numerous times and have always had good meals. Too bad your experience is different and I would be interested to know why. One can argue about authenticity or service or prices but, "sucks" and "gross" appear excessively harsh and can't see how that place would be so. I would usually reserve those criticisms for those places where the cockroaches and rats are attempting to purloin my meal. But, that's just me...

              1. I'd like to throw Spence Cafe into the mix........We have always had wonderful meals there!
                Have headd cold so I can't remember anything except the Butterfish, which was fantastic!

                1. Anyone been to Doc Macgrogan's? We tried to go the other night but it was packed and they said it would a one hour wait. Is it worth it?

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                    I've heard very iffy on the food.........so I am giving it a few more months til I go. But let me know what you think:)

                  2. definetly check it out..worth the wait

                    1. We went to Doc Macgrogans on Saturday night and it was disappointing. They told us an hour wait, which turned into only about 20 minutes, so that was nice. Oysters were very good. My husband ordered a "clam bake", which was supposed to include lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, corn on the cob and I don't know what else. It came with only lobster and corn. So he sent it back and got a second serving with all the parts, and all of them overcooked. I had tilapia, which was pretty good. Service was marginal. I don't think we'll go back. There are so many other choices in the area!

                      1. I'd like to throw Spence Cafe out of the mix. Mediocre, uninspiring food at best. Great place to drink and hang while listening to live music on the weekends but wouldn't want to eat there.
                        My son says Doc Macgrogans is great on Monday nights. $1 oysters.
                        Went to Fiorello's for lunch the other day. Food was ok, but my client (who raved about the place) was very disappointed w/his pasta bolognese. Pasta was way overcooked. Service was abominable.
                        Will have to try Limoncello. All these posts and no mention of Coyote Crossing? Been a while since I ate there but it was very good last time I tried it. Any updates?

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                        1. re: Rondo

                          I've only been to Coyote Crossing once, and have no need to return. It was waaaaay overpriced and the food was so-so. For authentic Mexican I prefer Taqueria Moroleone in Kennett. As for Fiorello's, I always found it somewhat lackluster. DO try Limoncello next time you're in the mood for Italian. I doubt that you'll be disappointed, except, maybe, in their bread, which is heavy and lifeless.

                        2. Coyote Crossing is OK but expensive. The interior and roof is pretty nice but If I was seriously craving any food with mexican influence I would do Senoras or even La Toleteca before I dropped $20 on a stuffed pepper. The food is good, but for the price I just can't justify paying for ambience. I've heard good things about the bar there though.

                          I'd also like to chime in that I liked Crawdaddy's... and also that something needs to be done with where Ground Round used to be. Rumor had it that Olive Garden was coming in but thank God that didn't happen.

                          Lastly - how about that sports bar they're building next to the WC diner? You know that place will be popping for a week and then die off just like every other business that has been in that spot since Roy Rogers. I hope I'm wrong but that plot is totally cursed.

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                            I agree that it would be good to have something in the ground round building. It has been vacant for way too long.
                            I thought next to WC Diner was just going to be a Pat's Pizza?

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                              if you want really good mexican food for cheap and dont mind driving a little ways (kennett), go to taqueria moroleon (spelling is no where near right). the place is the real deal and not very expensive at all. all homemade stuff and everything. a realy great place.

                            2. It used to be Pat's Pizza but they went under. If you look behind/underneath the 'coming soon' sign there is signage for the new sports bar. It looks like they are doing serious renovations / rebuilding on the plot but I don't know how it will do vs. all the other bars and locations in the area.

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                                I haven't been in there but I thought it was becoming a Pat's (pizza) family restaurant? One of the regional chain? The structure looks like that as well.


                                1. re: leepinleemur

                                  Well they do have West Chester as one of those locations on the webpage, but I could have sworn I saw a sports bar sign behind the 'coming soon.' Either way, it would be nice to have something prosper in that spot for once.