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Jan 24, 2006 02:14 PM

Hidalgo Mexican Restaurant

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The recent discussion regarding suburban Mexican food leads me to ask about Hidalgo located on Providence Road in Secane. There was a brief mention of this restaurant when it first opened back in June but no other mention of it since. It's only around the corner from me, I'd like to try it. How is it? Specialties? Prices?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. forewarning: am a (very) biased commentor on Hidalgo as am friends with the family and I was the one who posted the original comments.

    The special chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped with bacon and with a spicy choirzo sauce is muy bueno. Another special - tilapia lightly fried, stuffed with avocado with a cilantro sauce is fantastic. Flautas are great. Beef taco app is not good. Have read a comment about the mole sauce not hitting the mark but haven't tried it nor am a mole afficianado.

    Service is likely to be on the slower side, bordeline terribly slow.

    Soledad bring on a little mariachi action for you.

    They had a few flavors of margaritas mixes, so you can bring your own tequila. Am a little partial to our own homemade margaritas (we're very good at it) and so we tend to bring our own in a pitcher.

    Last thing - for what it is, or isn't worth - is that Craig Laban recommended Hidalgo in his weekly online Q&A as a good place to go for families. He didn't offer much more as it was just an online chat and not his "official review".

    Give it a shot and report back.

    1. I live about a mile from Hidalgo and was really excited that it was opening. I went 2 or 3 months ago and found the food average at best. I ordered something along the lines of a chicken enchilalda and did not find it very flavorful. My dining partner was not impressed either. Sorry to be a bit of a downer. Maybe other people have had a better experience.

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        pertty sure I remember reading your report - or one similar.

        it is true its hit or miss. wish it weren't.

      2. I haven't ever commented on the board before but I enjoy reading everyone's reviews and actually have something to hubby and I have been there several times. The first time happened to be the first night they were open. They had a limited menu that night of their specialities and it was pretty good. I had a stuffed chicken entree. We went back a couple of weeks later and had an okay meal but the service was really disorganized and slow. So since then we only go when we aren't in a hurry. The owner is REALLY nice and I want it to suceed, especially since i live nearby. I recommend the giant burrito (I'm not sure if that is what they call it). It is huge and tasty. They also do take out.

        1. My wife and I went this past weekend. It was rather late (about 9:15), so we just ordered appetizers. We had chorizo nachos (good, though burned a little), chicken flautas (also good) and some steak soft tacos with cilantro & onions. Overall, not bad. One weird thing: we asked for water along with our drinks and were told they don't serve water. Puzzled, we asked to speak with someone else. A manager came by (note: not the owner, who was busy) and explained that since they do not have a filter, they are unable to serve water "because we'll get in trouble." We never heard of that before - it's not like Delco is at the shore or has water unfit for human consumption. I also wonder where their ice comes from if the filter situation is true.

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            My husband and I were just here tonight for dinner, although they are now located at Clifton Heights. I wish we went to Don Memo like originally planned. Hidalgo is a BYOB, but you are required to purchase 2 courses per person to consume alcohol. The owner wasn't particularly clear about explaining this rule, so after splitting an appetizer and ordering two separate entrees (all full priced, mind you) we were told we had to order a dessert to split. What is that all about? Dinner with tip was $50, and we could have had a better meal at Qdoba. The guacamole was not like any I had before, with no chunks of avocado. Our entrees were no better, and given the high price, we were very disappointed. And they even charge or water! No way would we ever go back.

            Hidalgo Restaurant
            831 Providence Rd Ste 1, Secane, PA 19018