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Five Guys Burgers

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FYI - For all you Five Guys fans. Was driving east on Baltimore Pike and noticed that a Five Guys Burgers is almost ready to open. Location is in Clifton Heights just before Burlington Coat Factory at Oak Ave.

How do their burgers/fries compare to other local chains like Nifty Fifties and Zac's?

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  1. I used to live near the original one in Virginia and thought they were fine but nothing special. I had friends who raved but I never was a convert. The fries are decent but again, nothing special, unless of course you compare them to the McDs and BKs of the world.

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      I too used to live near their original. Elliott in the Morning on DC101 used to be all over them. Good fries (I'm vegetarian...) and my friends loved them. My girlfriend will be thrilled to know they're opening up here, now.

      Now, if only Phila would catch on to the Tara Thai, Chipolte and California Torilla waves!!!

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        I agree that Tara Thai, Chipotle and Cali Tort. are good chain restaurants (as far as chains go) - pretty tasty for a decent price, but I'd rather see more local places that aren't chains. I used to live in Arlington, VA so went to these places a lot. They're good, but it's the same thing over and over. I'd rather see some variety!

        That said, I lived less than a mile from (the Rt. 7 and Walter Reed Drive) Five Guys and I'd love to find a burger place that good around here. It's just that it doesn't have to be 5 Guys itself.

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          FYI-there is also a 5 Guys on Rt. 202 south of Rt. 1 & 202 intersection, across ffom Glen eagle Shopping Center.

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            been to the one on 202 chadds ford? - can get whatever you want as toppings - I didn't load on too much because I wanted to taste the meat which was outstanding...

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          There is a Chipotle on City Line Avenue

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            A California Tortilla just opened in Royersford. I went there the other day, it's pretty good, comparable to Baja Fresh and/or Qdoba.

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              For those interested, there will be a Chipolte opening in the Plymouth Meeting Mall (along with PF Changs and a California Pizza Kitchen).

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                whoa... i missed this post apparently... california tortilla has made its way to PA?! in MD they were an incredibly successful place that started ~10 years ago in bethesda - used to pick up lunch for my whole office there all the time. their food was the best cali-mex i'd had on this coast (never been to qdoba, but they were leaps and bounds above baja fresh, who still aren't bad in my book)! they were really smart and cute and quirky with a silly monthly newsletter (that i'd bring back with the takeout food) and occasionally they'd have local (liberal) politicians in for meet and greets. in recent years they have really gotten popular and started opening up new locations. i hope that they're still putting out the same tasty food even with their multiple locations. i hope their queso still rocks. wow, looking at their website now, and they've spread all the way down to florida! jeez. those people must be rich.

          2. The Five Guys near us is pretty good. The burgers are loaded with toppings and served in fresh rolls. The fries are good for the most part but somewhat inconsistent in that they sometimes overcook them near us. All in all it's not bad for a quick meal...much better than other fat food options but not say like Monk's.

            1. Look on the DC board for Five Guys comments. We went to the one in Georgetown and thought it was a really fun place with good burgers. Lots of fans in the DC area. It's good that these places are finally coming to Philly area. They have been voted best burgers by Washington Mag for the past 6 years - for what that is worth.

              Link: http://www.fiveguys.com/

              1. We visited the Chadds Ford Route 202 shop yesterday and were pleased. It was as crowded as the 202 location in Wilmington, but without the traffic and parking headaches. The burgers were made to order, as always, service was responsive and speedy and the burgers were yummy goodiness.

                Most noteworthy was Five Guys recognition of malt vinegar as a condiment. No self respecting burger joint should be without it. This is why Five Guys walks before the others.

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                  I live near the 5 Guys at the Gateway center (Chesterbrook).....good stuff. Sure, it's nothing special...but all the components are good quality.....and the fries are good. They're also very consistent. Compared to the options for a quick burger...it's pretty good. While we're at it....it's ten times better that Cheeseburger Cheeseburger...which is also nearby. Their meat, bread, and toppings were all poor.

                  Also...I must have been wasted or something....but I've been to Monk's countless times...and I've never been impressed by the burgers. This seems to go against everything everyone I know says....."Monk's has great burgers". I can remember two times I've ordered burgers...both times I got a small, overcooked, premade patty that was an inch smaller than the very dry bun. Nothing to write home about. The rest of their menu, however, is fantastic.

                2. I also head out to the Gateway one. Was there friday night. Good burgers. The flavor lingers in the mouth and there is flavor! The Wayne one could turn up the heat. It was freezing in there.

                  1. The fries are excellent.
                    The burgers are much better than Zac's, but also more expensive and of course they don't have that charming Zac's attitude :-)

                    Overall I still prefer Charlies.

                    1. We tried Five Guys in Wayne around 12:30 PM on Saturday. We will not be going back. The store was very crowded, the few open tables were dirty and the floor was slippery. We should have walked out then. The burgers were sloppily made, the patties were way overcooked and my bacon burger had a few dime sized dried out bacon pieces on it. I brought it back to the counter and they gave me a few slices of bacon on a piece of foil. This bacon had been cooked quite some time ago and was dried out. The fries were luke warm and nothing special. I can do much better then this at home. Very disappointed. Cheeburger Cheeburger in Chalfont (while not great) at least has some atmosphere, the place is kept clean and the food is cooked to order.

                      1. I ate at the Five Guys on 202 about 2 weeks ago and was not that impressed. The fries were great which is nice because fries are usually an after thought. I had the double cheeseburger with everything and it was fine. As for burgers in the Chester County area, Zak's is the way to go. I've stopped there about 3 times in the past year on the way to Delaware and they have the best handmade burgers. (It's in the same "shopping center" as Hatfield' s Seafood).

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                          Zac's is actually a local chain, there are two locations apart from the one you mention (unless Zak's and Zac's are two different joints).

                        2. Has anyone been to the 5 guys in State College?

                          1. As a vegetarian, I am in LOVE with Five Guys. We have 2 here in Lancaster and they make the most fabulous veggie burger. They put whatever toppings you'd like on a bun - mine normally contains sauteed mushrooms and onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, jalapeno, and a touch of A-1 sauce. It reminds me a lot of In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast where I'm from.
                            I'll agree with the assessment of the fries however. They are often overdone, but tasty nonetheless, especially the cajun fries.

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                              The best thing about the fries is they have malt vinegar available which is so much better than Heinz Tomato slop.

                              Personally I find the burgers always to be overdone. I am sure it keeps down on the lawsuits, but it also kills the flavor in my book.

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                                Which 5 Guys do you go to? I am wondering if the CC one has veggie burgers.

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                                  there is one being built in the East Gate Square center in Moorestown/Mount Laurel NJ. Looks like it will be open soon. I can't wait to try it. Hope it's not too good cause I work right there and might be there too often.

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                                    We have one going in in Doylestown at the Cross Keys Shopping Center and there is one somewhere in Warminster... It will be interesting to see what response they receive. I have found they are popular for lunch, (for example in Wilmington on 202) but desserted in the evenings.

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                                    There is a 5 Guys in Cherry Hill, NJ -- Erlton Shopping Center located at hiway 70 Marlton Pike and Kings Hiway (41) next to the Genardi's. I've been there once and thought the fries were terrible.

                                2. 5 Guys is fancy fast food. (edit: Ok, its not fancy in the least, but let's say higher quality fast food) The fries are great in a Boardwalk sort of way, and the burgers are ok. The meat seems fresh and not overly processed. Make sure you get a junior-sized burger unless you like eating a pound of meat in one sitting.

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                                    Exton Mall is the home of a Five Guys -- and right on about ordering small -- even the fries overflow the basket.

                                  2. I could not have enough bad things to say about five guys. Worst meal ever...one of those...we just left the grocery store and I'm starving...kind of situations.

                                    We went to the one in Doylestown, and I was surprised after hearing them so hyped, that they only cook burgers well done. And that would be WELL done. Blackened. I had cajun fries and they were really greasy and seemed a little undercooked.

                                    I had asked the man behind the counter if they used meat tenderizer (I'm allergic) and he said every patty was 100% meat. By the time I got in the car my mouth was covered in hives.

                                    I emailed corporate about it, because while my reactions are pretty minor, you never know...there might be somewhere out there it could kill. They responded pretty vaguely, claiming their policy is to use 100% beef, but different restaurants have different suppliers and they cannot be responsible for the quality of food in each one. Yes, you read that right.

                                    Who puts their name on something they cannot be responsible for the quality of? Than they asked me to try another meal on them...you know, of the food that gave me an allergic reaction.

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                                      Why would they tenderize a hamburger? Sounds screwy.

                                      5 guys is very variable. I've never had a blackened burger, but I've had good ones and bad ones depending on the store. They seem to have outgrown their quality control.

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                                        I agree on the screwiness. But believe it or not, it's a common practice in a lot of places. I don't know if I would call them "restaurants" . :)

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                                          Fries are great, everything else sucks.

                                    2. We ate at the 5 Guys in Broomall, in the Lawrence Park Shopping Center. Not so great - the burgers took forever, and then they were too well done. The staff was nice, and the peanuts were fun to snack on while we waited, and waited. Overall, I'd skip it next time.