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Jan 10, 2006 06:02 PM

Roller's at Flying Fish

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Has anyone tried the new Roller's? Thanks!

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  1. Yes! It is better than ever. Similar menu with a few added seafood selections. The new location is a quieter and more intimate space. Paul knows how to cook!

    1. We joined friends at Rollers at Flying Fish on Valentine's Day 2010. What a pleasant surprise this place was. Although it was modestly decorated, the food was delicious! We had several people waiting on us, and although one waitress wasn't overly "happy", the other young lady was terrific. I had "Mom-Mom's Brisket" ... yummy! The owner stopped by to say hello which was also a nice touch. I'd highly recommend this place.

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      1. re: cheflynnie i am missing Under the Blue MOon----something moon, it's been so many years my old brain forgets!!! Will have to try the new Rollers there!! Thx

        1. re: bonappetite

          You are correct. It's Under the Blue Moon. I miss it too. Nothing currently in Chestnut Hill compares.

      2. Are they BYO? I have been wanting to try it.

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          Not a BYO, but decent selections on the wine list. I was there about a year ago. Mighty fine! I had the striped bass with mushrooms, and it was fantastic.