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Jan 5, 2006 08:24 PM

Scallion Pancake Sandwich (w/beef) - anywhere in Philly like Dumpling House on Eldridge in NYC

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In the past we have driven to NYC for this sandwich, big fried scallion pie, cut open hot and filled with sliced beef & a few veggies, wrap it up in wax paper and see if you can make it to the end of the block before it is gone.

Anyone know where to get this delicacy in Philadelphia? Chinatown? We just had a baby so trips to NYC are on hold for a few months (though this just might be the first solid food item that she gets!!).

Thanks for any help you can offer!!

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  1. i don't have an answer, but i figured resurecting this might yield some nommy clues....

    1. Nom nom nom indeed. As fate would have it, Craig LaBan addressed this on his most recent chat:

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        sweet!!!!!!!!!! i am actually going to sakura tonight and i thought that i read that. hehe, nom....

      2. wow...where has this been all my life? this sounds AWESOME.