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Looking for a GREAT Birthday cake

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I'm looking for a bakery that has "Great" basic birthday cakes. Nothing fancy (no alcoholic ingredients), but something that everyone takes one bite of and says, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm". A great cheesecake would also fit the bill.

I'm really only able to get to one of the following areas:
Main Line (anywhere)
Blue Bell
Plymouth Meeting
East Falls
Chestnut Hill

Or anywhere within close proximity of the above areas.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. the cakes at magnolia bakery in Conshy is good. i've always enjoyed their cakes. also Food Source used to carry some pretty darn good cakes. I can't vouch for Food Source anymore because i think they've gone down hill lately.

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    1. re: joann

      where is food source???

      1. re: Userfriend

        Food Source is in Bryn Mawr on Lancaster Avenue.
        I am pretty sure they outsource their baked goods - and they are very good. On the other hand, their produce, take out food and perishables are not as fresh as I would like. On one occassion I took home cookies that had gone bad. The next time I went I made sure to read labels, and a lot of the items (milk, butter, juice) had sell by dates only 2 or 3 days away.

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          Justin Manne

          Look no further than the Ultimate Bakery in the Ardmore Farmer's Market (Ardmore Plaza)... fabulous cakes, absolutely delicious... you wil not regret it, trust me... tey the chocolate cake with Kentucky Buttercream frosting or their classic Banana Chocolate Chip Cream Cake... any of their fine choices are a sure hit... enjoy!

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            Not in any way looking to diss Ultimate Bakery--I've eaten lots of their things and have never been disapointed. But, I just wanted to let you know that many of their cakes and single serving desserts are actually made at a bakery in New Jersey called Diane's La Patisserie. The reason I know this is that I used to work for a gourmet market that sold some of the same things that Ultimate sells, as well as the fact that I asked the owner of Ultimate Bakery about this issue a few years ago. Again, please don't think I am trying to say their things aren't good--they most certainly are. But, if we are discussing the origin of certain baked goods, I just thought it would be helpful to let you know that not everything Ultimate sells comes from Ultimate. Thank you and happy eating.

            Link: http://www.dianespatisserie.com/

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              The lemon curd filled cake with buttercream frosting at Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill is fantastic. They do an amazing job of decorating it, too. Everyone in my family requests it for their birthday.

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          Food Source outsources (or is it imports?) baked goods from Miel Patisserie and Metropolitan Bakery amongst others but I dunno who does their cakes. Watch out for freshness at Food Source though...the one near us frequently has expired or hard-as-a-rock baked goods on the shelves and behind the counters.

          I hear this place (see below) is supposed to be good but have not had the fortune to try anything from there...yet!

          Link: http://www.flyingmonkeyphilly.com/ind...

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            Rebecca Michaels

            That's me! I'll be opening officially in Reading Terminal in March or April, but I'm still doing small catering events and birthday cakes for private parties. Feel free to contact me through the website. We can work together to come up with something great for your cake.


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              I heard you were opening a store at the market at some time in the future and a number of us are very much looking forward to your opening there!

      2. We have had some great festive cakes from Aux Petits Delices, on Lancaster Ave. in Wayne. They have a website at www.auxpetits.com.

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          Yep. Aux Petites Delices is the best.

        2. I think that Cake in Chestnut Hill has the best bday cakes. The pastry chef/owner, Grey, is fantastic!!!
          184 E. Evergreen Ave.
          Philadelphia, PA 19118
          Phone: 215-247-6887
          A lovely café selling cakes and pastries, lunch, coffee, tea as well as breakfast items

          They are located right behind the Top of the Hill Market which is on Evergreen at the parking lot behind the bank at Germantown and Evergreen.

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            I second that! She is so good, she does'nt have to advertise!

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              try the hazelnut cake. it is incredible.

          2. m
            mainline diner

            The Ultimate Bakery is great but if you want
            a showstopper try Viking Pastery in Ardmore, on Cricket Ave. They make these cakes covered in wide chocolate shavings-- beautiful. We like the white chooclate- but they have dark too. Here is picture
            totally amazing

            Link: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/49/137...

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              Oh yes! Ive had this cake and it is one of my favorites! You can special order a mix of white and dark choc. for a b. day cake.

            2. I know Cake is the hot Chestnut Hill choice, but I vote for Night Kitchen.

              Link: http://www.nightkitchenbakery.com/

              1. If you're able to make it into Center City, Miel has great cakes. People are still raving about the one some friends had for a b-day party last month.

                1. We've been very pleased with Roma bakery in Blue Bell. Their cakes are not quite as flashy as some of the fine bakeries in town, but they use great ingredients and produce a very nice product. Their tiramisu cake is terrific and I believe that they use only espresso, no wine. Depending on the season, they also make a wonderful cake with sponge, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. They do not accept credit cards, so bring cash!

                  (610) 275-5535 - 1018 Dekalb Pike, Center Square, PA

                  1. A lot of people have weighed in but my wedding cake was made at Sweet Jazmine's in Berwyn, next to the fire station. URL below. She makes dense, rich, magnificent cakes, order small because you can't eat a "normal" portion.

                    Bill E.
                    PA Wine Talk: groups.google.com/group/PAWineTalk/

                    Link: http://www.sweetjazmines.com/index.aspx

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                      Hello everyone,
                      You have to give Semisweet Baking a try,They are located in Doylestown, Pa. The owner Lori designed my daughters wedding cake and she did an exceptional job, It was absolutely stunning and taste incredible as well.They have a site on Weddingwire.com,If you are a chocolate fan, Try the Chocoale Elegance cake it is incredible.Also Bredenbecks Bakery in Chestnut Hill makes quite delicious cakes as well,But I use SemiSweet.

                          1. re: bucksguy14

                            Semisweet was located in Doylestown, PA, But she bakes out of her home in Chalfont presently .On my daughters anniversary she made her a replica of her wedding cake and delivered to her free of charge..A nice touch I thought. She makes a chocolate hazelnut cake covered in ganache with grand marnier truffles on top....Pure bliss...you have to try it.
                            SEMISWEET Catering and Baking
                            Tell her Ann Marie sent yoo

                      1. The Chocolate Mocha cake from the Night Kitchen....the best cake I have ever had!

                        1. Bredenbecks in Chestnut Hill. They made my wedding cake and I can't say enough about how delicious their stuff is!