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Jan 24, 2002 05:29 PM

Good bakery near San Mateo?

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I am new to the area and need to find a good birthday cake for a friend’s birthday.
I’ve heard that the Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame is pretty good, but not being a fan of custard and marizpan, I am hesitant to try it.
Any suggestions?

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  1. just mentioned Copenhagen in my post above. I have no experience with their cakes, but I think highly of the establishment's overall quality.

    The Cakery, a block or so up the street, makes a lovely strawberry shortcake with fresh cream. haven't had it in a while, though. I don't remember their prices, but here is their phone number: (650) 344-1006.

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      I, too, want to put in a good word for the Copenhagen bakery. It's also a nice place to go have an afternoon cappuccino and a piece of cake. :-)

    2. I second km's suggestions regarding Copenhagen and The Cakery. Both have cakes that don't contain marzipan or custard. I remember a mocha-walnut cake from The Cakery that was a success. If you want a pretty, made-to order cake, I think The Cakery has nicer looking cakes, and you can choose the fillings, too.

      Also in Burlingame, there's a small patisserie named Julie's, near Lundardi's on El Camino and Trousdale. I've had some very good pastries--chocolate seems to be their forte--but the service was not very friendly.