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Dec 28, 2005 07:24 PM

Where are the Indonesian Delis?

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A hound from New York came here last spring and reported on 2 delis where she got Indonesian food(South Philly I believe). Anyone know where these are?????

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  1. I don't live too far from this one and we've been to it a few times. Definitely no frills, but for only $5.00, you can't beat it.

    Link: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/vie...

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      many of the stores are between tasker and morris, close to the subway enterance. everyone at the laundromats around there are also indonesian. they have three churches also. they have a large community of about 5000 in that area. many are recent immigrants. also have a little time on your hands, they like to hang out and talk, its not like wawa where they just want you to leave right away. makanan indo di kota philadelphia, ini ada banyak toko:

      pendawa lima - 1529 morris
      indonesia store -17th & bancroft
      srikandi market -2100 south 9th street
      ramayana store -1547 S 7th Street
      sarinah store - 1654 S Chadwick St
      warung surabaya - 1754 hicks
      fans cafe -snyder & 6th
      indonesia store -snyder & 6th
      umai umai 533 N 22nd street

      i think tasty asia has a menu-en-indonesia.
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        hi , any one would kindly help me?
        I live in Maryland (move from Indonesia) since March 2006.
        I need info where could I find or shop via online/internet and ship to me Indonesian spice/cooking/rempah?

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          Hi, Welcome to the U.S! An excellent source for spices through internet & mailk-order is Penseys. The website is at
          www.penseys.com There are other companies also that can be found by typing the word SPICES on your computer onto a Google-Search. Best of Luck, & Happy cooking!! JET

    2. I'm Indonesian and my personal favorite is Cafe Pendawa at 1529 Morris St (corner of Morris & Mole). It's about 2 blocks away from Hardena. There's no sign outside, but just enter the door, and you'll see tons of food.

      Best time to go is around noon on Sat/Sun, that's when the foods are the freshest and the most selection is available.

      There are a couple other indonesian delis further down Morris, but I like Pendawa the best.

      Good stuff.